Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I almost emailed him tonite, but then I remembered about my top ten list!  How could I have forgotten so soon?

Reason #2: If he had a free Saturday, he would prefer to spend it inside, reading and napping.  Granted, it was winter, but I think that was his sentiment year round.  I prefer to spend free Saturdays doing stuff, even in the winter.  I would have ended it soon enough if he had interfered with kayaking when the weather got nice.

Speaking of kayaking, I have signed up for a kayak training session this weekend.  Do I need training?  Not necessarily.  Do I need to meet new people who might be fun and outdoorsy?  Yup.  And cute, and male?  Definitely.  Absolutely.  I am fully prepared to be disappointed by the number of 65 year olds enjoying their retirement by picking up a new hobby, but you know, they might have cute sons...  Hell, they might even have ugly sons.  That would totally do right now.

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