Sunday, May 25, 2008

BB Moves On

I had a great Memorial Day weekend at the beach with my girlfriends.  We laid on the beach, drank girly drinks, and psycho analyzed everyone we know (but not any my three dedicated blog readers, I promise.  You are all perfectly normal and not at all fun to talk about).

Too bad I shoulda been psycho analyzing myself.

BB updated his profile on eHarmony.  I did not want to know this.  I found out accidentally.  Its eHarmony "free communication" weekend.  I was scrolling through names and profiles and saw "B--" and clicked.  Oops.  It was BB.  I can't see pictures because I'm not a paying member right now, and thank god for that.  But, the reason I didn't think it was him is because there was this "relyID" thing next to his name.  That was never there before - its some bullshit thing where eHarmony will verify that you are really you so that your potential matches will be more confident that you aren't lying.  But really, just cuz a guy actually lives where he says he lives doesn't make him a non-serial killer now, does it?  He also updated the book he was reading.  I know this because in the throes of me thinking I was in love with him, I actually saved his profile as a word document so that we could look at it when we were old and grey together.  So, I compared his current profile to the old one.  New stuff.

BB is dating.  Or at least he's a paying eHarmony customer, which is pretty damn close.  There are a gazillion girls out there who would line up to date a pediatrician so its only a matter of time before he finds one who is so dazzled by his knowledge of how to suck boogers of out a baby's nose that she'll ignore the gorilla body hair and cpap machine and sleep with him.  

Seriously, WTF?  He's going to do this same thing to some other girl and that makes me MAD.  He doesn't want a relationship, he doesn't want to change his life for anyone, he doesn't want to make sacrifices or compromise, yet he's going to date again?  You have got to be kidding me.  I'm seriously about ready to pick up the phone and go off, but I'm not going to.  That would be stupid and pointless.  

And he has yet to email me back.  What a coward.

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