Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dorky Fountain Pen sends me into a fit

I'm on travel for work this week.  We are competing for a well-qualified recently graduated grad student to work with us on a special project for 2 years, at very little cost to us.  Virtually free labor for two years is excellent for us.  But this is not my point.

My point is that I was having trouble concentrating on our interviews this morning because I had lost BB's pen.  A pen I have been saving to give back to him, someday, when I am ready to see him again.  Its a pretty expensive fountain pen - I'm a bic disposable pen girl myself due to my tendency to LOSE things - and for some reason I decided to bring it on my trip.  I think I wanted to feel like a grown up big girl using my (his) fancy pen.  

So this morning, late, and fairly hungover due to the "executive" margaritas I was drinking, I couldn't find it.  It was totally gone.  I tore apart my bag, my suitcase, the crap laying on the dresser, but it was absolutely nowhere.  I got to the interview room and tore it apart too. nada.  I have been so careful with with that stupid thing - and it was just gone.  Now, I had no idea, but this stupid pen sells for well over a hundred bucks, so I was pretty upset for that reason, but more upset because I felt like it was a sign that I should lose BB too.  Or at least stop using his stupid pen.  And, I know I was nauseous from the tequila a bit, but I was totally nauseous over the fact that I had lost the pen.  Why is it that things like this are given such significance.  OMG.  His pen is gone.  That means there is no hope for us ever again.  I am so ridiculous sometimes.  So, while I was supposed to be giving these kids my undivided attention and talking about their resumes and what great experiences they could have with us, I am obsessing over a freaking fountain pen and its stupid-boy owner.

I found the pen though.  It was under the hotel bed.  Then I felt better.  I'm still hungover though.  And I'm definitely still ridiculous.

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