Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This weekend I went to the mountains and did part II of my great whitewater kayaking adventure. We paddled an "easy" part of the river, but if you were watching us attempt it, you wouldn't have thought it was so easy. You know how some people can make really difficult things look easy? Yeah, we were the opposite - we made easy things look difficult!

Kayaking skills aside, I met some really cool people this weekend. Including several kick-ass single girls. I'm not going to lie to you - about half of our trip on Sunday consisted of us bitching about boys. I actually made a 65 year old woman spew beer with one of my off-color comments. Even she was single, and bitching about spending 25 years with the wrong man.

On my way home (on my very, very long drive) I started wondering about something that I have wondered about before. Am I, and other single girls like me, awesome because I am single? Or, am I single because I am awesome?

The difference may be slight, and perhaps you can't logically separate them, but let's think about it. Being single gives me the time to develop myself and my own interests. In fact, it may even force me to develop my own interests. Kayaking, for example, is a hell of a lot more fun than staying home and organizing my sock drawer. If I want to have a fulfilling and interesting life, I've got to go out and do it myself. I can't rely on someone else to provide that for me. Awesome because I am single.

Conversely (inversely?), fitting dating into a hectic, fast paced, fun-filled existence can be some work. And when you aren't readily available to hang out, it can stifle new relationships. "Do you want to go to dinner on Saturday?" "Oh, darn! I can't! I'm going to be upside down in a river running my head into boulders!" "What about next week?" "Oh! I would love to, but..." Perhaps more importantly, interesting girls who can take care of themselves are intimidating! I've been told by more than one guy that I intimidate them. Not in an overbearing way, but in a "am I good enough - can I keep up" kind of way. Single because I am awesome.

I'm glad I'm awesome though, whatever the reason.

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