Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Black Eye, Part I

I pushed myself to do things that were outside my comfort zone, and I was proud.  

Until this happened:

That's not eye makeup, and I'm not closing my eye.  Its basically swollen shut.  And those five stitches above my eyebrow put the finishing touch on it.

I blame BB for this!  If it wasn't for him, I would have never taken up whitewater kayaking.  If we were still together, I would have spent the majority of my summer weekends safe and sound on a soft couch, surrounded by soft carpeting and his soft belly, becoming mighty soft myself.  Instead, I'm out paddling a hard boat, in hard rapids, running my face into hard rocks!! 

I continually do this to myself.  I push to do things that are outside of the comfort zone in an attempt to avoid sitting around all weeekend watching reality shows starring D-list celebrities and I get smacked in the face - literally this time.  Last time, I tried SCUBA.  Got certified and everything.  Want to know what happened the first time I did a real dive?  I panicked and had to be plucked from the water, nearly dead, by the dive master.  My life actually flashed before my eyes that time.

This time, I could have made out far, far worse.  I was wearing glasses and they seemed to take most of the hit.  Its very possible that without the specs,  I could have done serious damage to my eyeball.  I'll have a little scar above my eye, but otherwise I'll be ok, except for my broken ego and shattered confidence. 


Elena said...

Keep in mind people--a perfectly nice, cute guy asked her to come to a BBQ and she declined.....

Katy said...

Screw BB...and not literally. You went white water kayaking because you are the cool friend who tries all of this crazy shit b/c you have the time and insanity to do it and so you can give the rest of us something to ooh and ahh (and laugh) about, and we can think how cool it would be to do things like that then remember how you have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband to tend to.....

rsc said...

You are truly an inspiration! You keep us young because we laugh so much at - I mean WITH- you! I am proud to count you among my friends, particularly because you are so CRAZY! I agree with Katy - keep it up, you give those of us who aren't able to be wild and crazy reason to remember why we aren't wild and crazy anymore.... My doctor once suggested I wear a helmet all the time, maybe you should take that advice too.
PS - I will never look at "Rudbeckia hirta" without smiling again!