Friday, June 27, 2008

Not reading into lyrics

Do you ever want to share a song with somebody, or mix them up a little cd with some of your favorite new songs?  Do you ever not do it because you are afraid that they will read into the lyrics and think that you are 1) in love with them; 2) not in love with them; 3) depressed; 4) dead inside; 5) want them back.... You get the point.  There are so few songs about innocuous subjects (although Geggy Tah's "Thank you" comes to mind.  You know, the song that just thanks some dude for letting you merge on the highway?  We need more songs like that) - most songs are about being in love, or getting your heart broken.  

I mentioned in an email to BB that I was going to finally watch Juno.  He attached an mp3 of one of the songs, Anyone Else but You by the Moldy Peaches.  If you've seen the movie, this is the song that Juno and the boy that knocked her up sing together at the end.  

I would have never sent this song to anyone that I used to date, or might ever date in the future.  Or anybody who might be confused about whether we should be dating or not.  It contains lyrics like "the pebbles forgive me, the trees forgive me, why can't you forgive me?  I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you..."  and "You are always trying to keep it real, I'm in love with how you feel...."

I don't for one minute think that he meant anything by this (or did he?!?), but it just illustrates the difference between girls and boys.  Or at least between me and most men.  I think about these things - I would have never, ever, ever sent him a song that had any kind of love, regret, forgiveness theme, even if it was a really cool song.  I've actually had a couple I was going to zip his way, then stopped because of the love/regret/sadness theme.  Nope!  Don't want him to read anything into it.  Not that a boy would stop and think about that for even a second. 

I think too damn much.  Its just a cute little song.


kristen said...

remember cameron, who i used to work with? one time, he asked me to burn a couple songs to a CD for him... so i did. and then i added 2 other songs cause i thought he'd like them, based on the ones he had asked for. one of them was "slow motion" by 3eb... ok, maybe i just added it cause *I* liked it... regardless, he totally read into it and was like, what did you mean by that one song???
you know cameron - i meant NOTHING by it! i just thought it was a cool song and, at the time, was hard to find the version with lyrics...

my point? guys can be just as guilty as girls.

Unknown said...

all i wanna do is to thank you
even though i dont know who you are
you let me change lanes
while i was driving in my car

Good stuff.