Friday, June 6, 2008

Wind out of my sail...

I was too busy dealing with the BB situation and writing a novel about it last week to mention that I actually talked to Sailboat.

I don't even remember if I mentioned that I emailed Saiboat, but I did, during eHarmony free communication weekend.  He actually got it and emailed back.  And then I emailed back.  Then he emailed back.  Then I called him.

I am a really good conversationalist.  There are not awkward silences when you talk to me because I will ask you a question and draw info out of you.  I will talk about all sorts of inappropriate (but funny) stuff.  I think I make people feel rather at ease, particularly on a first phone call or first date.  But this, it was tough.  There actually were awkward silences.  I kept the talk going by asking lots and lots of questions about sailing and his sailboat.  He, on the other hand, asked very few things about me.  My general impression is that he might be a jackass, and probably isn't that smart.  

When we hung up, he said "you are really easy to talk to!"  Duh.  We didn't make plans, but I think loosely agreed to get in touch next week, due to my schedule.  This is "next week."  He texted me a couple times on Monday, but I haven't heard from him since.  I hate conversational texting.  What's the point?  Call me or email me, dumbass, so I can actually respond with more than 250 characters.

So, I'm not optimistic about this.  But, I may shoot him an email and try to get together next week.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt, plus Beach House wants me to get together with him, and I don't like to disappoint my friends!  

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