Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Date #1 - Luke

I am trying SO hard to get back into the dating scene and actually enjoy it.  The problem is, I'm having a hard time separating going on a date with a long-term commitment.  I was in a  near panic as to whether I'm going to wind up in an LTR with the guy, while I'm drying my hair. BEFORE I met him!

Good lord!  What the hell is wrong with me?

Luke is my third e-Harmony date ever.  The first was the infamous BB.  The second, the not so famous kiss-forcer (who dropped off the planet, thankfully) and now Luke, a happy-go-lucky Parrot-head, grown up frat boy kinda guy. 

We met at a local casual tiki-deck kind of place, on the water.  A fairly nice scene for a Tuesday night date.  I was actually on time, he got there early and secured a decent table near the water (bonus points for extra effort).  He's an attractive guy, I think.  My problem, and I've said this before, I go for burly, hairy guys.  He was a nice height, blonde and not that hairy.  What the hell is wrong with me!?  I am sitting across the table from a blonde, blue-eyed, 6 foot tall guy who works out, owns his own home and is gainfully employed.  I should have been launching myself across the table at him.  Instead, I am wondering whether he is "right" for me.  Who cares?!  The guy is buying me dinner and beers!  And he might do it again, if I could get over myself for two seconds.  

Amazingly, we talked about 50/50, unlike the last time where it was the Susan Show for 4 hours straight.  He kept up.  He has eaten Boca Burgers.  Knows that turkey isn't vegetarian. Likes live music.  In fact, he is friends with most of the members of two locally famous bluegrass bands.  Bonus points again.

Normally, I get a little email from a guy afterward - "hey, had a great time!  Look forward to seeing you again..."  Haven't gotten that yet.  I'd go out with him again, but I'm not sure that I would initiate.


Elena said...

If I was on a date with Ms. "Lovecynicsm", I think I would appreciate her calling and initiating the second date. I mean, did you give him any inclination that you wanted a second date?

Susan said...

Well, of course dude would love it if I initiated the second date, but then I would actually have to do some work! He did ask me if he was allowed to have a second date, but maybe after he got home decided that I was a nut job. :)

Elena said...

He doesn't think you are nuts, he probably just thinks that you hate him. After consoling your friend all weekend and obsessing about failed relationships, I can see how you could have given off some less than inviting vibes....

Just call him.

Katy said...

Might I point out that the date was on Tuesday and its only 11:26 on thursday. Maybe he doesn't want to freak you out by calling too soon.

kristen said...

#1, per all the guys i know, dont call him, let him call you.

#2, um, 6ft, blonde/blue - hello, thats my type, not yours. therefore your email to him should be "so how do you feel about girls who live in NYC?"