Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Final Black Eye Update

Ok, well, I think this is going to be the last black eye update.  But, did I tell you that I actually went out and purchased a whitewater kayak so I could do it again?  Yeah.  I'm not really that smart, despite what my mommy has told me all of my life.

So anyway, after four full weeks, the black eye is mostly gone.  I've still got a little puffiness, and the scar is definitely noticeable, but people are no longer recoiling in horror from me, and I haven't recounted the full story in almost a week.  

Now that the black eye is gone though, how am I going to make myself be the center of attention all the time?!

Black Eye 4wks, originally uploaded by SusanL2008.


Elena said...

I am SO getting you to wax your eyebrows :)

Susan said...

Uh, with the big ugly scar on my eye, waxing my eyebrows is the least of my worries! Maybe when I'm less ugly I'll consider it.