Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why try in the summer?

Who was the brainiac that decided that June was a good time to sign up for eHarmony?  Oh right, that was me...

Casual dating in the summertime is a stupid idea.  Between being away on weekends, trying to keep the code inspectors away from my uncut grass, weeknight kayaking, campaigning, assorted work events and trying to see my actual friends every once in a while (oh yeah, and black eyes),  I don't have a free moment for months.  Hanging out with someone that I may or may not want to talk to in two weeks ranks pretty low on the totem pole.  

I have been trying to schedule a second date with J, the guy I went to a baseball game with on Friday the 13th, for weeks.  We were maybe supposed to go out on Saturday, but my eye was still disgusting (still is), plus, I really didn't feel like it.  Showering and putting on a date outfit (you know, clean jeans and a shirt that doesn't accentuate my muffin-top) seemed like an insurmountable hurdle.  So, I stayed home and promised him a weeknight date, but he's going away starting thursday, and I'm booked on wednesday so that leaves nothing.  I'm booked solid next week too, until Sunday, June 13th.  And seriously, if our first date was June 13, and our second date is July 13, what does that say to you?

It says, I don't like this guy enough to bother.  For a comparison, BB and I decided to be exclusive on the third day we knew each other and despite me being in school and him working 100 hour weeks, we managed to see each other 4 times in the first week (and have sex to boot!). So, when I really, really like someone, I make the time.  

Wow.  I should probably stop stringing this guy along, huh?  

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