Saturday, August 30, 2008

Date Planning

I feeling better about my date with eHarmony David.  We just chatted on the phone for a little while and now have actual plans.  Its possible he was condescending a couple times, but maybe that was just me.  He laughed really hard when I told him that when I pull up to the marina, it will look like a large banana is humping a pistachio (my boat is bright yellow.  My car, bright green), so at least he has a sense of humor.

Still feel vaguely like I am cheating on BB - but, I can't cheat on someone I'm "not dating."  And I shouldn't feel like I'm cheating (or like a slutty ho).  I'm doing the best I can do to shove those feelings deep down inside so I can have a good time and not judge this poor guy.


Ms Behaviour said...

Hi Susan

I found your blog through Fish and just read all of the archives. In fact, I tried to force myself to get up and go to the bathroom mid way through June but I couldn't do it! You're intelligent and witty and basically pretty awesome. I think we have a lot in common. Clearly modesty is one of them! I made a list while I was reading. Yes, I'm neurotic like that. Because I knew I was going to leave you a comment to say hi. So these are the things that struck me while I was reading.

1. The first (and sadly, only) time I went whitewater kayaking, I spent the entire weekend with a headache. I think because I thought I was going to die the whole time I was on the water.
2. Ancient virgins (I was 20 too)
I was with that college ex for 7 years. I call it my 7 years in Tibet.
3. I'm awesome because I'm single.
4. I'm self-sufficient because I'm single.
5. I don't dis my girlfriends when I find a new guy. Okay, granted, that hasn't happened in several years but whatever.
6. I have been called intimidating (menacing and a man-eater, even!) by just about every boy I have ever dated and many male friends. Oh, except for the last guy who told me that he wasn't in love with me because I was too nice. Sigh.
7. I used to rely heavily on the HJNTIY books but now... not so much. Because I have them memorized, underlined and post-it-noted.
8. I miss the spoons too.
I did the relationship to booty call thing for a year. In fact, it started exactly a year ago today. I'm hoping Tuesday will usher in something (anything!) better.
9. My blog is pink. And green. Come visit :)

Okay, I'm really going to the bathroom now!

Susan said...

Hi Butterfly! I'm so glad that you found my blog and that I may have helped cause you permanent kidney damage! I know that there are a lot of single, awesome girls out there and you are clearly one of them!

P.S. - I was 21, not 20, so I'm still more lame than you are!!

Unknown said...

Neither of you are 20 or 21 anymore, so get over it... You are special people and I know special boys are just waiting to find you. BB notwithstanding (he's sex, not special, big diff.).