Monday, August 11, 2008

eHarmony David

eHarmony David actually answered my questions!  Not only did he answer my questions, he refused to go the easy route on any one of them and instead, choose to type out an answer.  When asked about his sense of humor, he said "I laugh constantly, which is tremendously exhausting. Water aerobics helps, but it's not a cure."  It made me giggle.

So, we each sent the stupid list of "must haves/can't stands."  They were pretty similar with both of us choosing things like "I must have someone with a high energy level" and "I must have someone who will allow me space to do my own thing" and "I can't stand someone who is racist (duh!)."  

So, I got tired of the eHarmony question and answer session and cut to the chase by choosing the "fast track" option, which allows you to (gasp!) send an email to ask the person if they'd like to skip all the hubbub and just start talking.  I have probably scared him off by being too forward.  But, jeezus.  Obviously, we could have a lot to talk about, why waste my time and his time by posing stupid pointless short-answer questions?  I want long-answers. 

But I want long answers from someone who lives closer to me!  The biggest problem with eHarmony for us suburban girls is that it lets you see and briefly talk to all these great guys that you can't have unless you feel like moving your ass closer to a major metropolitan area.  There are so many interesting boys 90 minutes away from me, and I will never ever meet them because gas is $4.00 a gallon, and I'm busy, and if I'm driving 2 hours to do something, its going to be a sure thing - not meeting some guy I met on the internet.  Makes me wonder how badly I actually want to meet someone - sometimes I think its probably more fun to think about meeting someone than it is to actually do it. 

Wow, what's up, stream of consciousness!?  I clearly do not want to clean my house tonite.

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