Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Full Circle

I have come full-circle, folks.

I started carpooling to work.  I like to say its because I have a strong desire to reduce my carbon footprint, but if that was true, I would have been carpooling for years.  Fact is, I was spending 300 bucks a month or more on gas and it was cutting into my beer budget.

On the carpool today, the driver was talking about a guy he played tennis with a couple years ago in the town he lives in.  He looked back at me and said "its a shame I didn't know you then, he was single.  I think you would have liked him."  "Oh yeah" I said, "what was his name?"  Driver couldn't remember but started describing him...

"Post-doc at the local university."  


"In soil science."


"From Arizona."

Oh God.

I already dated him.  Two years ago.  We went out twice.  He was nice enough, and a vegetarian to boot, but I got a distinctly creepy vibe off the kid and neglected to call him when I got back from my vacation that summer. 

The take home?  People are trying to set me up with guys I have already dated.   I feel a bit like Samantha on Sex and the City when she realizes that she has slept with every guy in Manhattan and is going to have to rewind and live it all again.  I've sometimes felt like I've dated every acceptable single guy within a 30 mile radius, and now, I'm getting verification that it might be true.

Stupid carpool.

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