Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I scared him

I think I scared eHarmony David off.  

Perhaps he is out radio tracking peregrine falcons and is far, far away from his computer, but I suspect he is in front of his computer, actively ignoring my request to email him and thinking that I am a pushy bitch.  Either that, or he googled my town and had a mild stroke.  

Its a damn shame too.  But, then again, is it?  Do I really need to meet and like some kid who lives 2 hours away from me?  My life is complicated enough already.  I'm running every weekend between rivers, campaign events and taking care of dad.  When would I be able to fit in a little jaunt to the city for a dinner date?  I'm away from home for 4 of the next 6 weekends, but there are things a-brewing that could take that to 5 of 6.  It can't be 6 of 6, I need a damn break from all this recreating and fun.

I just can't believe its been this hard to meet one more eHarmony boy this summer.  5-10 new boys a day for a month and still nothing!  Its a colossal rip off, my friends.  A colossal, bloomin' rip-off.

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