Friday, August 8, 2008


This morning, I listened to NPR.

(don't you love it when someone starts a conversation like that?  Stay with me though...)

They were doing an interview with a guy who had read the 22,000 page Oxford English Dictionary and were discussing words that truly "spoke" to him.  I rolled my eyes a bit, I must admit, but I gleaned two very useful new single-girl words from this: misskissing and bedinner.

Misskissing means kissing that is "wrong."  The definition ends there.  I guess a kiss could be wrong because you are kissing your your brother, your math teacher or your ex.  Or, a kiss could be wrong just because it is just a really lousy kiss with someone you don't really like that much.  In all of my 32 single years I didn't know that there was one word that I could just use to describe that.  "How was your date, Susan?"  "Misskiss.  'Nuff said."

Bedinner means "to treat to dinner."  This is basically what dating is.  Boys bedinnering girls, hoping to get laid.  I was not bedinnered nearly enough this summer.  My grand total of two leaves something to be desired.  I would like to be bedinnered at least once more before the summer ends.  Even better if I could be bedinnered and then bebedded.

(if you are really interested, the full story can be read and heard here:

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Unknown said...

I've bedinnered some women this summer and have little to show for it. I was belittled after bedinnering on one occasion...