Friday, September 12, 2008

All play and no work

I know that you are going to want to throw some sort of rotten vegetable at me when I say this, but... I only worked two days this week and I am friggin' exhausted!  

In the past 7 days I:

1.  Had a birthday
2.  Attended the longest bridal shower in history
3.  Started my new Monday night class
4.  Greeted voters at the polls, desperately hoping they would vote for my guy just because I       smiled at them
5.  Celebrated my guy's victory (is it possible that my winning smile made the difference?)
6.  Took off to NYC for a Wednesday night Dave Matthews show
7.  Regretted agreeing to the Wednesday night show (what the hell was I thinking?!)
8.  Went to the Museum of Natural History, followed by a trip to the best bagel place in the city
9.  Got a cold
10.  Went to work like a zombie.
11.  Struggled to find something interesting to blog about (sorry 'bout that)

The show, and the election post party actually both warrant a little analysis and deconstruction, but all in good time...

1 comment:

Elena said...

You had better still be coming to my party! My mom is making a bean salad just for you! (No bacon; promise :))