Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dumped, again?

I suspect I may be getting the big old, street sweeper brush off!

Ever since the dude with the bad hair ignored my emails then dumped me on the phone (jerk!), I've been a bit gun shy about guys not returning emails.  E.D. has not returned my emails.  And he didn't pick up the phone when I called this afternoon.  Not normally a big deal, except that we had agreed to "do something" tomorrow.  While "doing something" and actual plans set in stone are two different things, I'm a bit puzzled right now.  And a bit peeved because I like to have plans and right now, I feel like I can't make any other plans because I have no idea what time I would get together with E.D., or what we would be doing. 

If I don't hear something from him by dark, I'm making other plans.  

Boys are stupid.  If he doesn't want to play with me, he should at least email me to let me know.


Ms Behaviour said...

I know! Jeez, I'm not dating for the rest of the year. I've had enough of this crap. I hope he does call you very soonly but, if not, you can come play with me at all girls camp. Sheesh.

Katy said...

So....inquiring minds want to know...what did you do yesterday?

Unknown said...

Hey Susan - this blog is excellent - thanks for having it out there.

What did you guys wind up doing?

btw - I too have found eharm frustrating as H#@$ lately.
How are you contactable these days - I'd like to get your advice on my profile...LOL

Elena said...

Or, should we ask, WHO did you do?