Friday, September 19, 2008

E.D. Update

So, if you agree to catch up "mid-week" and figure something out for the weekend and neither of you bothers to call or email by 9pm Friday night, I think its safe to say that probably aren't going to have weekend plans.

And so it goes.  I feel the need to call him or email to say something along the lines of "look, you are great and if you lived closer I think this could go somewhere.  But you don't, and we are both really busy, and neither one of us is desperate, so let's be friends.  Can I go with you on your birding trip to Panama?"

Its not entirely out of the question that I could run into this guy at a conference or meeting - if not soon, then 3 years down the line.  I'd like to to not be awkward and weird.  I'd like to do the big girl thing - but then again, i don't want to be that person who feels the need to break up with someone after one date!  And also, I'd really like to go on his trip to Panama.  :)  

Good thing I have Baptist chocolate to drown my boy sorrows in.

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