Thursday, October 16, 2008

48 hours on

I revenge date.  Or at least, I revenge put my profile online.  This is what happened on Tuesday and now I just feel silly.  And I remember all the many reasons that I hate internet dating. Match is just as bad as eHarmony.

I made my profile visible, but I didn't pay for a subscription.  Paying for a subscription seems pretty final to me.  I'm cheap - if I pay for something, I'd damn well going to use it.  If I pay for Match, I'm going to talk to new boys, and go on dates with new boys and the thought of that exhausts me and I'm not ready and I just don't want to.  So why the hell I made my profile visible is totally beyond me. 

Match gets you to pay by slowly pulling you in...  As a non-subscriber, you can view all the profiles your little heart desires and you can "wink" at boys.  You can see who has "winked" at you, but if someone likes you enough to actually send an email you get a notification that "someone sent you an email!"  To see the email, you have to pay.  To see who has clicked on your profile, you have to pay.  And once you get an email, you want to know who sent it.  What if it was that perfect guy?!  When in reality, its probably that guy that likes to hunt and go "4-whillin."  But you still want to know, because, what if it really was the cute, smart guy?

After 48 hours of my profile being visible, 40 guys have viewed me.  This could be one guy looking at my profile 40 times, or 40 different guys.  I have no way of knowing.  Of those, one has emailed me (but I don't know who!!) and one "winked" at me.  The winky guy seems ok - kinda dorky, probably a milk-toast boy-scout type.  But not special enough to pay 40 bucks for. The whole thing is such crap.  And I'm so not ready for it.


Anonymous said...

Wait, so if someone emails you, you cant find out who without paying? But if someone winks, they do tell you?

Seems like if you have only subscribers talking to eachother, then the majority of those profiles are useless as non-subscribers.

Susan said...

Yup, that's right. If you aren't a subscriber, even if you have a profile, the only way you can communicate with someone is to wink at them. If they email you back, you will receive a notice that "someone emailed you" but you will have to subscribe to see the email. I would guess that at any given time, only about a quarter of the profiles you can see are actual subscribers. Its really a very frustrating system.