Monday, October 6, 2008

Lazy Susan

I love fall - I love that the humidity drops, the sky is bright blue, the leaves start turning and that I can wear my new fun corduroy coat from Target.

But I can't friggin stay awake! Its dark at 7pm and its making me want to revert to the bedtime I had when I was six years old.

Three times in the past week, I have gone out, had two beers (TWO!), come home and passed out on the couch. Two beers should not cause a seasoned drinker to pass out at 8pm. Seriously. Wednesday we did happy hour/dinner, I got home, sat on the couch, flipped the tv on and woke up at 10pm wondering what the hell happened. Friday night (FRIDAY!) we kayaked, I sucked back a couple beers in between paddle strokes, put the boat away, came in, sat on the couch and fell asleep! Ditto last night, after dinner and two beers with BB.

This can't keep up. I have a life, people! I had homework to do! Phone calls to return! Emails to send! Blogs to write! (ok, maybe not much of a life, but a life all the same)

I am either going to have to stop drinking beer, or get myself one of those happy lamps for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and wouldn't that add to my attractiveness to the opposite sex?!?

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DocJohn said...

Lazy can be sexy, no?

But I hear you... as I've gotten older, it seems my ability to stay up reliably for the 16 hours typically required for us Americans has been systematically harder. If I can, I find a way to take a 30 to 60 minute nap in the afternoon after lunch, when I'm at my lowest. It doesn't happen every day, but the days I can get one in, I'm renewed and re-energized for the rest of the day.

The early dark evenings certainly don't help!

But beer remains a must-have on any decent list of joys in this world!