Friday, October 10, 2008

One of my many problems

A couple days ago, I attended a meeting of a community coalition to speak about one of the projects I have been working on for several years.  The meeting was held in a church (no, I was not struck by lightning) and started, and ended, with a prayer.  I was thrilled.

What also thrilled me was that, even though I was invited to speak, I was on the agenda late into the meeting, but still had to get there when it started to get my audio-visual extravaganza set up.  The point is, I got bored while waiting my turn to talk and inspire others.  So my mind wandered. And it wandered to boys.

The tables and chairs were set up in a square, so we were all staring blankly at each other.  But it gave me a good view of the entire room.  I decided to play "who would you sleep with?" and learned that I am one picky, picky girl.

There were somewhere between 20 and 30 people in the room and roughly half were guys.  Discounting the mostly blind preacher and his assistant (whose first name was the same as his last.  Something like "Jack Jackson".  Who would do that?!?), there were about 10 men in the room.  There were two lawyers - one too young and hipster-y, one way too Jewish.  There were about three guys from local industries around the table - one too old, one too corrupt, and one who clearly had very little going on upstairs.  There was an old PhD from the local hospital with a british accent and a late-20 something buff black guy in a very expensive and well tailored suit who represented the local minor league team.  Then there were a couple just old guys from local agencies who had nothing of note to report except grey hair and bad wire rimmed glasses.

It cracks me up, but I had trouble deciding between the buff minor league guy and the old british doctor guy.  I thought that if I slept with the old british doctor guy, we could do Sunday puzzles in the morning and perhaps he would buy me flowers (perhaps I don't understand the rules of this game).  Minor league guy is the obvious choice.  Extremely attractive.  Well-dressed.  Nice glasses.  But he was soooo... plastic?  Even though he was well put together, he didn't quite pull it off.  He looked slightly uncomfortable.  

But I thought I might have seen him sneaking glances at me.

So, the morale of this story is, try as I may, I couldn't really identify one guy in that room that I would, or even wanted to, sleep with.  My standards are so high that I can't even have a pretend one night stand.  Maybe next time, I'll just sniff them and see if that changes the outcome.


Ms Behaviour said...

You're funny. I think I might be overpicky as well. POF has this new feature which will search for "similar users" when you find someone that you think is interesting. I'm not sure how the algorithm works but it seems to be pretty decent, for a computer. But still no-one interesting. Sigh.

The Most Awesome Guy In The Universe said...

I know of what you speak.

My hobby has me out dancing on a regular basis with a bunch of extremely fit, healthy women who are about 10-15 years younger than me. I actually do it because I love the dance and the music, and for other (non dating) reasons - suffice to say I actually owe my personal sanity to this dance.

However, I've noticed that I've become extremely physically picky about the kinds of people I'd actually ask on dates, to my own detriment - try finding someone who is actually in good shape in this McD's obsessed society! It's not the age which interests me - I have no desire to pursue any of the women I dance with - but their health and vitality that I envy, and find myself wishing to obtain.

kristen said...

two things, both referencing the same group of friends...

David Davis is married to one of our friends.

and if his good friend, MC, is any indication, pretend sleep with the stupid guy... do you not remember your lesson from our 3 way calls???