Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boomerang Week

There IS something going on, because I'm not the only one who is being stalked and cornered by people from their past.  Is it because its dark out at 4:30 and people are bored?  Sad?  Contemplative?  Or is it because Facebook has come out with the "people you may know" function?

This week, as you know, two ex-boyfriend types contacted me.  But also an old friend who reads the blog and emails occasionally actually picked up the phone and called!  Of course, we didn't actually talk, but it added to the boomerang week.  Also, my friend in Boston ran into her most recent ex on the subway and had to make nicey nicey chat - she hadn't seen him since the breakup (and it was a bad one).  Kiwi's old friend from college randomly got in touch with her this weekend.  And a litany of people from high school that I really don't care about keep wanting to be my facebook friend.

Its just weird that this seems to be happening to other people too.  So please, dear internet friends, check the caller id before you pick up the phone.  The person on the other side is likely to be someone you don't want to talk to!  I wonder when it will be safe to live normally again?


Elena said...

Maybe it's because you were complaining that your "normal" life just wasn't good enough anymore....don't roll your eyes at me :)

DocJohn said...

I could give you many insights into the man-mind, but then I'd have to kill you for sharing man-only secrets.

One of them is that they seemed to be plagued more by nostalgia or regret or some such nonsense.

More likely, these goinks(tm) are just now realizing how much of a good thing they let go!

Susan said...

If it takes you a year to realize you shouldn't have let me slip away, you are a dumb ass. :)