Sunday, November 2, 2008

Falling Back

Goodbye Daylight Savings Time.  Hello giant bottle of red wine!

We "fell back" last night, and I will admit that it was nice waking up at 8am (really, 7 am) to actual daylight outside.  And while its going to be easier to get out of bed now, I am going to be one grumpy girl for the next two months in the evenings.  The darkness is only going to add further to my general malaise, which, quite frankly, seems to be at an all time high.  Its been a long time since I have felt low enough to think that a therapist and a major life change are called for.  In the past, I can directly chalk up feeling depressed to actual events that were short term in nature.  I knew that if I could push through for a month or two, or even three, that things would be back to normal and I could resume my happy life.  The recent family situation is different - I've been feeling unsatisfied with life for a while, then the family situation gets piled on, and I realize that even when things go back to normal (if they ever do), I'm not sure that "normal" is ok anymore.

Its scary when you realize that you may have outgrown the life that you have built for yourself.


kristen said...

i'm a fan of both therapy AND big, sweeping changes... i suggest both!

Unknown said...

Is the French Foreign Legion still an option these days? If not, booze is a pretty good cure-all.