Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Go away, part 2


Its a damn good thing that I created the douchebag label for my posts last week - who knew I would have so many good reasons to use it in such a short period of time?!  (for those of you who picked up on it, I must admit to you that it wasn't original.  Fellow blogger Cheese came up with it before me and I stole it because really, its so appropriate.  Thanks Cheese!  Sorry there are so many douchebags in your life too).

Just a couple days ago, Egg came out of the woodwork just to say hi.  Today, Flake came out of the woodwork just to say hi.  How many ex-boyfriend people are going to make contact with me in one week?  Anyone want to start the betting pool?

I dated Flake briefly last fall, and its been a year since I last spoke to him, almost to the day.  I met him through Match, and ignored all the warning signs because he was sorta fun to hang out with.  The dude was an artist who taught at the local university and lived at home with his parents.  I cut him some slack since he was having trouble finding full-time employment (Duh! A master's degree in Fine Art doesn't really get you very far in life.  Especially in this red-neck part of the woods).

The living at home part should have spooked me off, but I try really hard not to judge people (well, people that I am trying to date anyway).  The part that should have really spooked me off was how he spent a lot of money on prescription pills, and how he would not be real good about calling me back and how he would make plans with me and not show up.  He "overslept" a lot.  In retrospect, I think he was heavily medicated for either depression or ADD or a combination of both.  He may have been self medicating with a little too much weed as well.

 We had a couple fun dates, and a nice little camping trip, but that was about the extent of it.  The last time we had contact, he had called and left a message that said something like "hey.  Its Flake.  I'd like to talk to you.  Gimme a call back."  It sounded like a phone call that was going to end with him telling me that he had been acting like a big flake because he had met someone else, but I called him back anyway because I really wanted to know what the hell was going on.  He didn't pick up the phone when I called back.  I left a message, and never, ever heard anything else from him.  Until today.

His email, sent through the Match system even though he has my real email address AND phone number, said "hey.  What's up?  Your hair looks nice short.  Hope you're well."  He signed it "scary" which I vaguely recall was some inside joke between us that I never, ever would have remembered.  Still kinda don't.  

What's the incentive?  What's the point?  I don't think that boys think about this stuff.  I would never randomly email somebody without a reason.  A real reason.  Telling me that my hair looks nice short is not a real reason.   

P.S.  His hair did not look nice!  Maybe I should write back and tell him that...


i like cheese said...

I'm flattered that you have yoinked my "douchebags" tag. However, I have another one for you. When guys from your past come back out of the blue, they are called "boomerangs".

Elena said...

Life Lesson number 2010 (learned Fall '07 and I'm sure countless times prior): Do not date druggies.

Just let that boomerang (love that one!) just zoom (or slowly amble in between naps) on by...

Susan said...

How about a combination of boomerang and douchebag? Doucherang? Boomer-douche?

Why can't the NON douchey ex's come back my way? Oh yeah, there aren't any...