Thursday, November 6, 2008

Go Away!

I have dated a fair number of people in my life, starting at the tender age of 14 when I had my first kiss with a guy I still talk to on occasion (turns out, we randomly like the same band that nobody else in the world has ever heard of. Who knew?!)

At 15, I "dated" a boy called Egg. He was on the football team, but I think he sat on the bench an awful lot. He had a football jacket though. I coveted that football jacket. I wanted it. Wanted it bad. I think we went to a dance together. We definitely made out in the hallway together (gross!). I vividly remember how cool I thought it was to hold his hand - mine were white, his were black. I probably thought I was rebelling against some societal ills.

I almost became a societal ill in the process.

One night, Egg came over to my house with my friend and her boyfriend and I snuck out of the house to go hang out in some apartment somebody somewhere (there were no adults present, obviously). It was bad news. There was a bed in a large walk-in closet. We went in there and made out. My friend and her boyfriend were in the bedroom on the real bed, making out. I thought she was having sex. She thought I was having sex. Egg wanted to have sex. Egg did not get to have sex, but if my self esteem had been a notch lower, I would have lost my virginity at age 15, instead of age 21. Things happened in that closet that I was not real comfortable with, but god, at least I didn't have sex with him.

You know why it was particularly good that I didn't have sex with him, besides all that STD, pregnancy crap?

Because on Monday morning when I showed up at school, he was making out with an oily-faced, bad dye-jobbed jv cheerleader. A girl whose self esteem was clearly lower than mine was... A while later, I found out that he had actually picked me up after spending the evening with that slutty cheerleader. Gross. Gross. Gross.

Of all the consternation and hurt and problems boys have brought into my life over the years, I think that particular incident still ranks as number one. I almost let him put his penis in me, and on Monday he is jamming his tongue down another girl's throat?!? Lord knows what she let him shove down her throat... Of all the guys I've dated in my entire life, he is the ONLY one I would want to spit at if I walked down the street.

Randomly, about 7 years ago, I got an email from him. How he got my email address, I will never know. I didn't respond. Spit doesn't transmit well through email. So guess what now? He just asked to be my facebook friend!! Holy mother of god. Why won't this fucker go away?! Seriously, should I have to be reminded of this little situation that happened almost 20 years ago? No! It still makes me mad!

Boys like that should disappear into a black hole. But at the very least, they should recognize that girls they f'ed over in 1991 might not want to have pleasant chit-chat with them.


Ms Behaviour said...

Which band? I lost my virginity at the same tender age.

kristen said...

i just like thst you now have a label called douchebags.

not that this is the venue for this info, but thanksgiving is up to 6 right now, i think. woo hoo!

and yes, i was still out when you texted. read the blog.

Katy said...

I came on to comment aboutyou having a douchebag label and damn if Kristen didn't already beat me to it.

F-him. Ignore the request. I hate, hate, hate, when losers from high school think that just b/c we knew each others names in the 90s that we should be friends now.