Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rolling with my homies

I wrote a new song today (sung to the famous pre-school song, Row Your Boat):

Roll, roll, roll your boat
Early at the Y
Jittery, jittery, jittery
Hope that I don't die...

I got out of bed at a ridiculous hour for a Sunday (and woke up alone, and in my own bed.  Also ridiculous!), and lashed my kayak to my car in the pre-dawn hours and sub-zero temps so I could join the rest of the kayaking gang at the Y for a rolling session.  

Even though we were going to be in a warm pool, and I was going to be surrounded by certified kayaking instructors, I was still quite nervous.  I had some technical issues with some new equipment that I bought too, which didn't help.  I procrastinated getting into the water for quite a while, and ended up getting in without a boat so I could "help" others.  My "helping" really was more like getting in the way and bothering people though.  I was eventually forced into my boat.

It was slow going.  Since I haven't paddled a whitewater boat in over two months, everything seemed strange again.  We started with baby steps, slowly working me toward actually being upside down in the boat.  It wasn't great.  I got frustrated, but did a couple good attempts (with help) and quit.  Good enough for my first time out, I thought.

Until I was paddling around the pool watching everybody else.  Upside down!  Right-side up!  Upside down!  Right Side Up!  Look ma, no paddle!  Grrr.  So, I got ambitious and tried it on my own.

And I did it!  Twice in a row.  With no screw ups, no assistance; nothing but me, my awesome abdominal muscles (ha!) and my paddle.  I stopped after two - there's no reason to get greedy.  And now I'm happy and proud of myself.  Almost makes up for the fact that the only hairy thing in my bed this morning was Leroy the Cat.


Ms Behaviour said...

Oh my goodness, I learned to whitewater kayak in moving water just south of Whistler and I spent the entire weekend terrified that I was going to die an early, gruesome drowning death. I just couldn't get the roll right in class 1 (!) but when I got to the class 3 (!) I actually reversed my roll and successfully saved myself! It helped my self esteem in a miniscule way.

Anonymous said...

You weren't annoying, you were helpful. And I'm jealous that you rolled. Damn you. And I also woke up in bed. Early. By myself. EW! Better than with the wrong person, though! :D

Unknown said...

A) Don't diss Leroy.

B) There are no rocks in the pool at the Y, right?