Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Riddance 2008!!

The wind is howling today. Sustained at 30-40 miles per hour. Gusts up to 60.

I'm taking it as a good sign. This wind will blow all the bad 2008 vibes far, far away. I can start fresh tomorrow.

But will I? Doubt it. I already have a Friday night/Saturday morning lined up with BB. How's that for a fresh start?!

As for my exciting New Year's Eve plans? Yeah. Not so much. I have spent the last couple weeks desperately trying to figure out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be to ring in the New Year. It seems almost silly, putting this much thought into what my social calendar is going to look like on a Wednesday night. I've felt so scattered that traveling to more exciting locales to visit and drink with friends didn't really seem like an option (but I still love you, my far away friends). But staying local has proven to be difficult too.

I have large circle of great friends. All of whom are doing something different; most with their significant other (and children). All of whom have invited me along. Its great to have that many choices. But (you knew a BUT was coming, didn't you), all my options involved me being the third wheel. I hate that.

I finally choose what seemed like the least third-wheely option and was looking forward to my night. It involved two pregnant friends, their husbands and 4 little girls between the ages of 13 and 16 months. Then a family dropped out. Now its me, preggers, hubbie and their three girls. I love them dearly and am looking forward to spending some time with them, but the whole clan is going to be asleep by 10:30. Garaunteed.

It might be for the best. With this wind, and my newfound unreasonable fear of being hit by a drunk driver (if it can happen in my driveway, it can certainly happen on the road on New Year's Eve) I won't mind being back in my neighborhood when the ball drops. Hoping to hook up with some neighbors for a night cap or two. And be in bed at a reasonable hour.

When did I get this lame? Its almost embarrassing.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year Prep

I promised myself that this weekend, I would reserve time to update my profile and re-join.  I've re-upped with Match at least once, sometimes twice, a year, and I started internet dating in 2003.  This could potentially be something like the 10th time I have forked over my credit card number in a vain attempt to find someone that can deal with me, and keep up with me.  It amazes me that I keep doing it. is making tons of money off me.  

Its probably by design.  Internet dating companies have plenty of incentive to keep you single.  I think they must intentionally weed out all the good ones, so that I never find them, so that I keep coming back, hoping that this time, he will be there.  Here's my sixty dollars!!  Keep my hope alive!!

But, instead of updating my profile, I am playing Guitar Hero.  "But Susan, the only video game you own is Colecovision!"  Au contraire, my friend.  For the next week, BB's new PS2 is mine.  The only game he has is Guitar Hero; but that was before I found used PS2 games for two dollars each at a store down the street.  Yee-ha!  So the games are 6 years old.  Big deal.  You should see what the 25 year old Donkey Kong looks like on the Coleco...  I'm usually several years behind in technology (you should see my cell phone.  Its ancient!) so this is working just fine for me.

Interesting that playing with BB's game is preventing me from putting the time in on my profile.  I wonder if that was by design?

Whatever.  I had 167 note streak, and 96% correct notes on my last go around.  I am a rock goddess!  And being a rock goddess is much more fun right now than shopping for boys.  Besides, being good at Guitar Hero might be a useful dating skill someday.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bad Santa

I survived Christmas.  You knew that I would.

Unfortunately, my neighbors cars didn't.


Santa brought us a three car hit and run somewhere between midnight and 4am on Christmas night.  Christmas!  Isn't that supposed to be the time of year when people are extra good and extra considerate?

I woke up and looked out the window to see what the weather looked like on Friday morning and noticed that the neighbor had parked funny.  I looked at it for a while trying to figure out why he would have parked at a 45 degree angle.  "Neighbor must have been drinking..."  I looked out five minutes later and saw three cop cars.  "Uh-oh."  Neighbor wasn't the one drinking.

But someone else was.  A lot.  He hit three cars - mine included, then proceeded to park down the street at his house.  I hear through the grapevine that he doesn't remember anything.  Great.  Drunk driver started with my car.  Lucky me.  But he merely grazed me - I have a couple scrapes and bruises on the bumper.  He saved the real gift for my neighbors.  Tore the bumper off a pontiac, and hit an SUV hard enough to push it 45 degrees from where it had been parked.  They were not happy.  Imagine coming outside to get in your car to go to work, only to discover that it was lying in pieces in your driveway.  A Christmas miracle!  

Right now, the police can't charge anyone, since no one saw it happen and the person that was most likely driving claims to have no memory of the incident.  This means that to get cars fixed, we all have to pay deductibles.  I won't get mine fixed, because the scrapes aren't worth the deductible.  But the scrapes will bug the crap out of me forever.  The gift that keeps on giving.

In other Christmas news, I spent 3 awkward hours with my father and brother pretending that we liked each other and actual have relationships with each other.  God, I was glad to get out of there.  Got to spend some time with grandma, which was the best part of the day.  Did I mention that my entire day was alcohol free until I got home?  Yup.  Alcohol in the afternoon makes me tired.  I needed to be on my game all day in order to survive.  

My mental state is significantly improved now that Christmas is behind me for another year.  Now, if only I could figure out what I'm doing for New Year's Eve...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Attitude Adjustment

I need a serious attitude readjustment.  This may not be news to you.

I thought briefly about going for a run this morning, but come on, that's totally unrealistic.  I spent some time stretching and relaxing though, then I made holiday coffee (I added cinnamon and cloves to the coffee.  It smells good, but didn't really affect the flavor of my organic ethiopian roast).  I bought A Christmas Story for 10 bucks at Target earlier in the week and popped that in the DVD player.  Yes, I despise Christmas, but I really, really like that movie.  And since I've turned off my cable, my Christmas ritual of watching 24 Hours of A Christmas Story on TBS was out of the question.  So, I watched it (enjoyed it even) and wrapped the few presents I had picked up.

I've convinced my brother to have lunch at his house, so in a few, I'm going to go pick up my dad and drive over there to spend a little time (round trip with pick-up and drop-off: 2.5 hours).  There will also be a grandma visit (another hour in the car), then dinner with mom's boyfriend's family.  It will be fine, but it will be a long day and I will be glad to be back home. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Whine

This afternoon, a well-meaning (and bored) co-worker popped her head in my office with a big smile on her face and said "So, what are your Christmas plans?!"  I sighed, looked up from the fascinating technical paper I was reading, and said "I honestly don't know, but it will involve alcohol."

"You don't know what you are doing for Christmas?"  she asked, like she didn't believe me.

"Not really."  By the time I had sort of explained, the poor girl had tears in her eyes.  Actual tears.  I am not kidding.  I made someone cry because of how crappy my Christmas is.  

Imagine how I feel.  

Christmas is the loneliest time of the year for me.  Its hard watching my friends and colleagues enjoy their families, look forward to presents, children, holiday meals... My family is disjointed and dysfunctional.  Even when my parents were still together, most holidays were pretty low key.  Easter was non-existent.  To this day, I remember writing (in purple ink) in my little diary about how sad and angry I was one year when we didn't do an Easter dinner with the grandparents and aunts and uncles (clearly, this was before I stopped eating ham).  Since my parents got divorced and since my father has gotten so sick, finding ways to celebrate holidays has gotten more and more difficult, and planning what my brother and father are doing has rested largely on my shoulders for more years than I care to count.

Dad is legally blind and on dialysis.  I don't know if I've mentioned that before.  I can't just say "come on down to my house.  I'll cook."  He can't drive, and he can't eat anything that I could cook (the few vegetarian things that he wouldn't turn his nose up at aren't on the dialysis diet). Regardless, its still up to me to determine what is happening on Christmas for me, my brother and my father.  I haven't yet figured it out, and I wish I could just flee.  We will end up at dad's house for a little while.  Dad still lives in the house we grew up in, but its only him.  The house is collapsing on itself and its really a depressing place to be on a normal day, let alone Christmas.

Once Dad is taken care of, I will likely head to a dinner with my mom's boyfriend's family.  They are great people, and always very welcoming.  And very Christian.  Not overtly, but I have to watch my mouth and be polite, which puts me on edge.  Despite how welcome they make me feel, I am an outsider in their family circle.  As much as I appreciate them including me, they aren't my people.  But if I want to see my mother on Christmas, I have to show up there.  

And I haven't even launched into being responsible for figuring out what it is that my brother wants, and taking dad shopping to get it.

Two more days and it will be over for another year.

I hope that you, dear reader, are having more fun with your holidays than I am.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Party #2

I survived Holiday Party #2.  The party that could have resulted in me meeting cute boys.

Did I ever really think that was a possibility?  Really?  God, I must have overdosed on Allegra.

I did a good job of introducing myself to people.  I was totally, 100% flying solo at this party.  Yes, there would be a couple kayaking people there that I know, but I don't know them well enough to expect them to watch out for me, introduce me to people, and get me cheese and cookies.  There was one cute guy there in my age range who was not wearing a ring.  Did I talk to him? Nope!  Never got near him - he stuck with his little triathlete group, which was inpenetrable.  

However, the absolute nerdiest guy there found me (not a fluid dynamicist though, so it could have been worse).  He stuck around me for a long, long time.  He was short, overweight and wearing glasses that were really dirty and smudged.  He kept talking and I could barely hear him.  "what?"  "what?"  "where?"  Turns out, he recognizes me from work.  Great.  He is a consultant that works with us on occasion.  I don't remember ever seeing this guy ever.  The worst part?  I was such a snob to him, and now I feel bad about it.  I never asked what his name was (because I didn't care, but in retrospect, it was probably rude).  On the other hand, he never introduced himself to me.  So, I guess its not my fault.  

So, I gave it a try.  I went to the party.  I talked to people I didn't know, and won't ever see again.  I put on makeup and a cute outfit (I swear).  But, no new man prospect.  Like you are surprised.

Holiday Party #1

I was more than halfway through a piece of delicious cake that was made of "a stick of butter and four cups of sugar..." when I heard the story of how the sugar that the cake was made from had been in the house "forever."  Forever in this instance was defined as five years, but could have been much, much longer.  Its a boy house, and he's lived there for 12 years or so, so that damn sugar conceivably could have been purchased when I was still in college.

I put the cake down.  

And slowly backed away from it, trapping myself in a room where I didn't know anybody.

Parties where you don't know many people are much more fun when you are drinking.  Parties where you don't know many people, and most of those people are "aerospace engineers" (rocket scientists to us mortals) are much more fun when you are drinking mass quantities.  Unfortunately, due to the number of cops on the road this weekend, I'm not playing games.  I kept my drinking to the absolute minimum (large cup of cranberry juice.  Tiny little bit of vodka).  No beer pong for me.  But plenty of awkward conversation with a PhD Fluid Dynamicist (I am not making this up.  Couldn't, even if I tried).

Tonight is holiday party #2.  The one where I am hopeful that I will meet some interesting and cute single men.  Cross your fingers for me.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Cynicism

I don't usually just bitch and whine (unless its about BB) but I'm making an exception today.

I spent a nice quiet morning actually thinking though a project, making notes on what needed to be done when, who needed to be involved, what data we needed to collect...  Had lunch with one of my fake boyfriends, who is grumpier than I am, and came back to the office.  At exactly 4 p.m. while I was harassing other staff, my computer shut down.  And lost my unsaved document.

Why did the computer shut down?  Because the IT morons schedule computer updates for 4 p.m. on Fridays.  I'm sure they did it that way because they assume that noone is really working on Friday afternoon, but guess what dude, I am!  I spent a half an hour on the phone with the help desk trying to recover my unsaved, unnamed document (and cursing them).  No go.  A whole morning's work wiped out.

So, I went to the gym to spin.  Figured a little physical activity would help my mood.  And normally, it would have.  Except that the teacher had put together a special Christmas mix for us all.  YAY!  Now I get to hate Christmas while exercising, as well as while shopping!  What a treat.  It was too late to bail by the time the first jingle bells happened.

Now, I'm off to my first holiday party.  Remember my previous enthusiasm and good attitude about holiday parties?  Consider it reversed.  180 degrees baby.  And a happy bah humbug to you!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Upper Hand

I have hand, baby!  Hand!!

Its been quite a while since I've felt in control of the BB situation, but last night, I saw it.  I felt it. It felt good.  I'm sure it won't last, but, whatever.  I can be proud of myself for a day or two, right?

I worked in the city Tuesday and Wednesday.  Normally, I work 50 miles from the city, but BB works there every day.  I'm always tempted to see him when I'm there - I mean, its so convenient. The thought crossed my mind that I could actually stay at his place and save myself some time.  Night meeting Tuesday night, early morning meetings Wednesday...  My house is 30 miles away.  His?  Three.  But, I resisted the urge.  I had to remind myself that his apartment is not a hotel (although, sometimes I get a warm towel handed to me for my shower, there's often continental breakfast and the wake up calls are quite pleasant).   I broke down Tuesday night during the meeting and texted him - "want a dinner partner?"  It didn't work out - my meeting ran too late.  I chatted with him on the phone as I drove home, but that was the extent of it.  I figured it would be a while before I saw him again.

Wednesday I was done work at noon, then headed to the mall.  To Christmas shop.  For myself. (I wanted fancy pants for my upcoming parties.  No fancy pants, but I did get a pair of denim trousers and new pair of comfy Clarks).  Then off to Jo-Ann Fabrics.  For what, you ask?  Embroidery thread for your friendship bracelets (true story)!  

Just as I was about to jump on the highway and head home, a text came in from BB asking if I was in town.  I was pleased, of course.  So, we met for dinner.   Got a nice table right next to the fireplace at his favorite tavern.  He was late - got held up at the hospital.  So I amused myself by drinking and reading the menu, in detail.  Three times.  When he finally arrived, I think for the first time in a while, I saw him as others might see him.  Haggard.  Tired.  Overweight.  A bit sloppy.  Honestly, if I didn't know he was a doctor, I would think he was coming off a brutal shift at Circuit City.

Electronics salesman outfit or not, I still beamed at him when he walked in.  And repeated to myself "you are going home tonite, you are going home tonite..."  We had a lovely dinner, and went to his house for desert (cannoli and chocolate covered pretzels.  Not what you were thinking was it?  Get your mind out of the gutter!)  "You are going home tonite.  You are going home tonite."  We watched some videos, traded backrubs and I tucked him in and kissed him goodnight.

And locked the door as I left.

Then I realized that I left my glasses.  Had to knock on the door, rustle him out of bed and retrieve them.  As I left again, he says "are you sure you're not staying?  Really?  Are you sure?"  Yup.  I was sure.

Hand, baby!  Hand!  

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tying Knots

BB helped me tie the knot on Saturday morning.  Then I was able to tie my own knot.  Then we tied knots together.  The irony was not lost on me (I giggled and immediately decided it would make a good blog post.  I hope it doesn't disappoint).

I've become rather pathetic when it comes to BB recently (I'm sure that's such a shock to you!) - his schedule has been lighter than normal and he has been up for anything I've proposed.  Its not going to last much longer though.  This week, I promised to help him put plastic film on his windows to keep the drafts out.  He asked for me help weeks ago, "since I am the global warming/eco-crunchy expert."

(P.S. I am also the global warming/eco-crunchy expert who will have sex with him, giving me an unfair advantage over all the other eco-crunchy types who are clamoring to help him winter-proof his apartment).

Of course he could have done it himself, but it gave us an excuse to get together, which we did mid-week, but by the time he had bought me dinner and we had a couple beers, it was time to go to bed - not time to initiate home repair.  So, our mid-week procrastination gave me yet another opportunity to rearrange my life to spend time with him. 

And it only made sense that I would spend the night on Friday too. I mean, if I was going to help him "do his windows," it would make sense to get an early start, and the best way to do that is to wake up there.  The boy wakes up early.  Pre-dawn early.  An early start is gauranteed.   And, the boy likes to eat, so breakfast is a sure thing too (just like me!).  

For some reason, at 7am, we were lying in bed talking about friendship bracelets.  Apparently, his time at summer camp made him an expert in bracelet skills (which apparently translates well into stitching people up.  Who knew?!)  I never went to camp, and my mom wouldn't know a scrapbook if it hit her in the face, so my crafting skills are non-existent.  Sometime in middle school, someone tried to teach me to make friendship bracelets, but I never caught on.  (I'm not really the most coordinated, or focused, person you'll ever meet.)

It didn't take long before we decided that we were getting up, getting breakfast (I-Hop!), going to the fabric store, and making bracelets.  He was motivated by wanting to make one for his friend whose birthday party was that night (what 30 year old wouldn't cherish getting a friendship bracelet for their birthday?).  I was motivated by wanting to try it again, and by wanting to procrastinate homework for as long as possible.  Oh, and by the pathetic need to spend time with him.

But whatever.  It was a fantastic morning.  I ate pancakes.  Bought embroidery floss (33 cents!). Sat on the couch.  Watched a movie.  Tied knots.  Listened to music.  Tied knots.  Listened to more music.  Took a nap (you are allowed to nap at noon when you woke up before daybreak). Got tired of tying knots.  Hairdryed plastic to window frames.  It was so relaxing.  So easy.  Its what Saturday mornings should be like.  I need to remember that in the future.


Surprisingly, my first effort wasn't bad.  I don't know about my choice of colors, and my knots weren't real tight, but it definitely looks like a bracelet.  

Now you all know what Santa is bringing you for Christmas. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lassoing the Moon

Christmas movies are such crap, but Christmas movies from the 40's are the worst.  NBC is currently treating me to the holiday classic, Its a Wonderful Life.  You remember it: George Bailey stays home to run the family business, forgoes traveling around the world, hooks up with a barely legal woman (albeit, in the 40's if you were 18 and not married, you were almost a spinster), gets married and almost gets run out of town when the Building and Loan goes bust, then tries to fling himself off a bridge.  Pretty uplifting, huh?  

Before things really get rolling, George "meets" Mary, although he has known her his entire life.  Apparently, she was only worth talking to when she was "all grown up" (e.g. "now she has boobies!").  So, they do the charleston, fall in a pool and he walks her home, all wet and naked under her clothes.  He barley knows her, hasn't even kissed her, but offers her anything she wants.  He will lasso the moon for her, if she just says the word.  She falls for it, they get married, she cross stitches a pillow then pops out a gazillion little kids with ringlet curls.

If I had a nickel for every time a boy offered to lasso me the moon on a first date...  Here, I'll give you a second, count up yours...

Ready?  Start counting...

How many?

Oh, zero?  Really?  How surprising!

I doubt highly that actual guys in the 40's really used lines like that, but you never know.  What if someone said something that ridiculous to me on a first date?  I would never, ever, ever talk to them ever again.  I might actually flee from them, and I'm not even sure what a good flee looks like.  They would become the butt of all jokes for years to come.  Trust me, its happened to other guys who have made the mistake of being sweet and sensitive anywhere near me or my friends.  Lasso the moon?  Shit, just pay for dinner dude, and drive me home.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Evil Elf

So, has it occurred to anybody else that Christmas is now two weeks away?  A mere fourteen days?  Rudolph and Blitzen are warming up for the big night, and I just realized that its mid-December.  Oops.

We don't do much these days for Christmas.  I have no boyfriend, there aren't any small kids in my immediate or extended family, and most of the grandparents are dead.  I'll pick my dad up some stuff that he needs and that I would buy for him anyway, but mom, brother and I long ago stopped trading gifts.  I'm pretty much off the hook (although, I have to find diabetic socks and I have no idea where to go.  Don't ask).  Usually I send Christmas cards, but I'm not inspired to do it this year.  I'm not putting up the tree, but I may put lights up out front.  But given that they would only be out for two weeks, it might not even be worth the effort. 

The morale of this story, if it wasn't for a couple Christmas parties, this holiday would pass by without even being a speed bump in my life.  A couple days ago, I was miffed that I only had invitations to one holiday party (not counting our excruciating work party), but people are starting to get off their asses and send out the invites.  I'm particularly excited about one of them - a guy from the kayak club is also a member of a local triathlon club and is inviting us all over.  Here is an opportunity to actually meet new people.  And in-shape ones!  Maybe you all will get your wish and I'll meet someone new and start engaging in risky sexual behavior.  That I will blog about for your amusement...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Numbers Game

I have a friend.  This friend and I are pretty competitive people - so competitive that several years ago, for some reason (boredom) we started a competition of sorts.  I've been ahead for several years, but she has finally caught up, owing to the fact that I've stayed on the same number for way too long.  I can't let her get ahead.  I'm going to have to add a number.  Fairly soon.  

What the hell am I talking about?  Our number!  You know.... (ahem) number of partners!

My number (and hers) is pretty low in the grand scheme of things.  On average, its less than one a year since I started having sex.  I was ecstatic when I hit double digits.  Ecstatic!  I felt like I had finally reached womanhood.  I was no longer embarrassed of my number, like I was when I was 27 years old and the number was 3 (yikes!).  It blew me away when I pulled ahead in the numbers game though, because I'm not the one known for making out in the corner of bars with perfect strangers (although, I'm not saying its never happened, its just not routine). I guess I got pretty good at whoring myself out on the internet though; good enough to make up for a little lost time and pull ahead.  

(By the way, we are talking purely about quantity - not quality.  Friend would be way ahead of me if we were assigning quality points to our encounters.  Way ahead.  Way.)

And here's how you know that your friends truly love you: when a factor in her decision to add a number (albeit a very, very, very, very small part of the factor) is to challenge you to get you off your ass and add a number; which would mean moving on...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Excuse me, what?!

I had a distinctly stressful day yesterday dealing with family issues.  I hate being a big girl and having to take care of people that should be able to take care of themselves.  But this is a story for a different day...

I lined up an evening with BB to reward myself for having to deal with all that crap and/or as a shoulder to cry on should I need it.  Luckily, I didn't need shoulder to cry on so we went to dinner at a renown hole in the wall Italian restaurant.  Wood paneling, tables and chairs that came straight out of a highway diner, crusty old Italians everywhere... Oh, and the worst background music I have heard in a really, really long time.  Adult easy listening, circa 1993.  Yuck!  But, the food was homemade and reasonably priced (not that it mattered because I made him pay). 

BB and I have now been doing the "not-dating" gig for almost four months - way longer than we did the actual dating thing.  I wonder if this has occurred to him?  It may have, because we talked about stuff a little bit last night.  Why does he always feel the need to talk when I least feel like talking?  Dude, hit me on a day that I didn't spend dealing with my dad and you might get more out of me.  We talked about the same bull we always do... He's leaving, he's worried that I'm losing out on dating other people and putting my life on hold, yadda, yadda, yadda.  All very good worries and nothing we hadn't talked about before.  

But what I've never heard him say before is "I don't want to be in a long-distance relationship." But he said it last night.  Yeah, no duh.  I don't really want to be in a long-distance relationship either. We've never ever talked about it being an option.  Ever.  We're not even in a close-distance relationship, why would a long-distance one even be an option?

But, you know how someone says something and it doesn't really sink in until later?  Well, this is one of those times.  The fact that he said anything about it makes me think he's given thought to it.  Which surprises the crap out of me.  He's contemplated it as an option.  A bad one, but an option nonetheless.  I mean, I fully expect that when he moves, we will remain friends and keep in touch.  And that we may see each other occasionally on our travels, but I can't imagine it being anything else.  But maybe he is imagining something else...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Friendsgiving Year 2

Girls with boyfriends, husbands, kids and families don't get to spend Thanksgiving gallivanting all over New York City.  Lucky for me, Kiwi hosted her second annual vegetarian feast for people orphaned this year (KT) and people who have wished for years that their family would orphan them (ME!).  Its really special to be able to spend the holiday with people you choose to love, rather than people you are obligated to love.

A second benefit of not spending Thanksgiving with your family (other than not having to explain for the millionth time that indeed, turkey has a face, and therefore you don't eat it) is that you get to go to the Macy's Parade!!  

And no parade can be attended by 30 year old lushes without a little something, something: 

Pre-Parade Festivities

The line in Starbucks was out the door at 7am, and I got yelled at for ordering wrong (I asked for medium drinks in large cups and thoroughly confused/pissed off the stressed out guy behind the counter).  Kiwi and I choose to add Peppermint Schnapps.  I think KT went with the Kahlua.

We got to the parade too late to get a good spot along the street (stupid Starbucks line!), but we found a nice fence to cling to.  I could only see the tops of marching band heads, but we had a great view of all the balloons.


Frog Legs

Seeing giant frog legs floating down the street when you are 15 ounces into your 24 ounces of latte and schnapps is quite amusing.   The headache I had after adding champagne to it was not.

Really Expensive

After downing the champagne, opening up several bottles of red wine and punching into the box (yes, box) of Pino Grigo, the headache was much, much worse.  (Note to self: when you've already had a headache for three days, don't feed it with caffeine and liquor.)  I may not have been much fun to be around - but the stabbing pains in my head got me out of clean up duty! Sorry guys, I wanted to help, I swear.

If only I could miss Christmas with the family too.  Its lurking and mocking me...

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Hallway Run-in

It was bound to happen, but so soon?  

I went on a truly unspectacular lunch date the weekend before last ( with a guy who is in my grad school program, and has a class at the same time I do, in the room next to mine.  Normally, if you go on an unspectacular date, you can just go about your life and move on.  But not when you are bound to run into the guy every week at school.  I dodged the bullet last week because my class got canceled (I used the extra time to attempt to rid myself of my headache by having sex.  It didn't work, by the way).  

I thought I dodged the bullet again this week because we got out of class ridiculously early, but I made the mistake of hanging out in the hallway and chatting.  Oops.  Damn my unstoppable mouth and limitless ability to make small talk!  He walked by as I was sharing with her my internet dating history (interesting timing!).  I waved and he stopped.  I introduced them.  He looked pretty uncomfortable (I don't think he was aware that just seconds before we had been talking about internet dating).  We made small talk for a minute then the professor called everyone from his class back into the classroom.  Phew.  

Once he was safely in the classroom, I whispered to my class friend "Case in point.  I met that one on  We had a lunch date last week.  We should have met each other in the hallway, but met each other on the internet.  That's what it takes to get a date these days!"

And its true.  People don't just spontaneously meet anymore.  I wouldn't have had a clue what to do if we had met in the hallway and he had actually said "we should get together sometime!" I probably would have stuttered and given him the wrong phone number.  

After the run-in, I'm quite totally sure that I have no romantic interest in this guy.  Still no sparkle.  I'd like to tell him (in an email of course) that we should be friends but don't even know that its necessary.  I'm not really putting out a dating or romantic vibe.  Would it be presumptuous of me to tell him, after one lunch date?