Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Attitude Adjustment

I need a serious attitude readjustment.  This may not be news to you.

I thought briefly about going for a run this morning, but come on, that's totally unrealistic.  I spent some time stretching and relaxing though, then I made holiday coffee (I added cinnamon and cloves to the coffee.  It smells good, but didn't really affect the flavor of my organic ethiopian roast).  I bought A Christmas Story for 10 bucks at Target earlier in the week and popped that in the DVD player.  Yes, I despise Christmas, but I really, really like that movie.  And since I've turned off my cable, my Christmas ritual of watching 24 Hours of A Christmas Story on TBS was out of the question.  So, I watched it (enjoyed it even) and wrapped the few presents I had picked up.

I've convinced my brother to have lunch at his house, so in a few, I'm going to go pick up my dad and drive over there to spend a little time (round trip with pick-up and drop-off: 2.5 hours).  There will also be a grandma visit (another hour in the car), then dinner with mom's boyfriend's family.  It will be fine, but it will be a long day and I will be glad to be back home. 

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Ms Behaviour said...

Good luck! I guess by the time you read this you'll be home. Happy that's over? Mee too.