Monday, December 1, 2008

The Hallway Run-in

It was bound to happen, but so soon?  

I went on a truly unspectacular lunch date the weekend before last ( with a guy who is in my grad school program, and has a class at the same time I do, in the room next to mine.  Normally, if you go on an unspectacular date, you can just go about your life and move on.  But not when you are bound to run into the guy every week at school.  I dodged the bullet last week because my class got canceled (I used the extra time to attempt to rid myself of my headache by having sex.  It didn't work, by the way).  

I thought I dodged the bullet again this week because we got out of class ridiculously early, but I made the mistake of hanging out in the hallway and chatting.  Oops.  Damn my unstoppable mouth and limitless ability to make small talk!  He walked by as I was sharing with her my internet dating history (interesting timing!).  I waved and he stopped.  I introduced them.  He looked pretty uncomfortable (I don't think he was aware that just seconds before we had been talking about internet dating).  We made small talk for a minute then the professor called everyone from his class back into the classroom.  Phew.  

Once he was safely in the classroom, I whispered to my class friend "Case in point.  I met that one on  We had a lunch date last week.  We should have met each other in the hallway, but met each other on the internet.  That's what it takes to get a date these days!"

And its true.  People don't just spontaneously meet anymore.  I wouldn't have had a clue what to do if we had met in the hallway and he had actually said "we should get together sometime!" I probably would have stuttered and given him the wrong phone number.  

After the run-in, I'm quite totally sure that I have no romantic interest in this guy.  Still no sparkle.  I'd like to tell him (in an email of course) that we should be friends but don't even know that its necessary.  I'm not really putting out a dating or romantic vibe.  Would it be presumptuous of me to tell him, after one lunch date?


Elena said...

Just let it go. If you don't call (or e-mail) he'll figure out you're not interested and then you can still be friendly with him when you run into him again. Which, btw, you will...

Unknown said...

One word: Dodgeball. I've gotten four girls' numbers just by being at dodgeball games and going out for a beer afterwards. Young professionals, grad students, you name it. Stupid "sport" but it's social.

Inveverse that and give four BOYS' your number.