Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Party #1

I was more than halfway through a piece of delicious cake that was made of "a stick of butter and four cups of sugar..." when I heard the story of how the sugar that the cake was made from had been in the house "forever."  Forever in this instance was defined as five years, but could have been much, much longer.  Its a boy house, and he's lived there for 12 years or so, so that damn sugar conceivably could have been purchased when I was still in college.

I put the cake down.  

And slowly backed away from it, trapping myself in a room where I didn't know anybody.

Parties where you don't know many people are much more fun when you are drinking.  Parties where you don't know many people, and most of those people are "aerospace engineers" (rocket scientists to us mortals) are much more fun when you are drinking mass quantities.  Unfortunately, due to the number of cops on the road this weekend, I'm not playing games.  I kept my drinking to the absolute minimum (large cup of cranberry juice.  Tiny little bit of vodka).  No beer pong for me.  But plenty of awkward conversation with a PhD Fluid Dynamicist (I am not making this up.  Couldn't, even if I tried).

Tonight is holiday party #2.  The one where I am hopeful that I will meet some interesting and cute single men.  Cross your fingers for me.


Unknown said...

As party host, I have some clarifications...
1a) The sugar was not 12-years-old. An ex-roommate bought it...possible shelf time = 3-4 years. (I never use processed granulated sugar as I do not bake sweets.)
1b) No one reported any post-party intestinal distress.
2) I begged said baker -- i.e. current roommate -- NOT to bake anything as people offered to bring desserts. That cake/pie should never have been baked.
3) We call the PhD "The Black Hole" as conversations are absorbed and crushed with no chance of retreaval. I thought you knew that.
4) There were non-rocket scientists at the party...I tried to make sure of that.
5) Drinking makes a lot of these issues go away. You could have spent the night in the spare bedroom...the bed was freshly made for a possible need.
6) I hope you had fun anyway. Sorry none of the signature food was vegetarian.
7) Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Susan said...

Yes, I still had fun. Nobody told me about the Black Hole; I should have known there was a reason she wasn't activly engaged in conversation with anybody. Although not a signature dish, the mac and cheese was delicious. And there was only one cop on the way home and no DUI checkpoint. I coulda had a couple beers. Best laid plans...