Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year Prep

I promised myself that this weekend, I would reserve time to update my profile and re-join.  I've re-upped with Match at least once, sometimes twice, a year, and I started internet dating in 2003.  This could potentially be something like the 10th time I have forked over my credit card number in a vain attempt to find someone that can deal with me, and keep up with me.  It amazes me that I keep doing it. is making tons of money off me.  

Its probably by design.  Internet dating companies have plenty of incentive to keep you single.  I think they must intentionally weed out all the good ones, so that I never find them, so that I keep coming back, hoping that this time, he will be there.  Here's my sixty dollars!!  Keep my hope alive!!

But, instead of updating my profile, I am playing Guitar Hero.  "But Susan, the only video game you own is Colecovision!"  Au contraire, my friend.  For the next week, BB's new PS2 is mine.  The only game he has is Guitar Hero; but that was before I found used PS2 games for two dollars each at a store down the street.  Yee-ha!  So the games are 6 years old.  Big deal.  You should see what the 25 year old Donkey Kong looks like on the Coleco...  I'm usually several years behind in technology (you should see my cell phone.  Its ancient!) so this is working just fine for me.

Interesting that playing with BB's game is preventing me from putting the time in on my profile.  I wonder if that was by design?

Whatever.  I had 167 note streak, and 96% correct notes on my last go around.  I am a rock goddess!  And being a rock goddess is much more fun right now than shopping for boys.  Besides, being good at Guitar Hero might be a useful dating skill someday.

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Ms Behaviour said...

You have no idea how true that is. With the number of computer geeks I've dated, I can guarantee that GH skills are highly valued... within a certain population, naturally. Can I recommend Ratchet and Clank? That's my favourite!