Saturday, January 10, 2009

Affirmation, as brought to me by dining room table

The very day after I wrote my rant on the Raymour & Flanigan commercials, I was in my other boss's office chatting (other boss is a male) and he was whining about having to do stuff after work for his wife.

Susan:  "Quit 'yer whining.  What is it you have to do this time?"

Boss:  "I gotta go pick up this foo-foo new dining room table my wife bought."

Susan:  "Oh!  Cool.  What does it look like?"

Boss:  "I don't know what the damn thing looks like.  I never saw it.  I just do what I'm told."

Its so funny how life can hand you something like that to reaffirm your opinions and blog posts. And so quickly too.

PS - I am not exaggerating or making this up (like I normally do).  Although, I may not have actually said "yer."

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