Sunday, January 4, 2009

Debbie Downer

"And in 2009, the role of Debbie Downer will be played by...

Susan!  Congratulations!  I hope you will enjoy your new role being the most un-fun person around!"

I just got off the phone with KT who is reveling in her new relationship with a fun, interesting and muscly boy (man?).  I realize that this is how I sounded last year when I first met BB, although she's not nearly as bad as I was (yet).  Her happiness and enthusiasm is such a stark contrast to how I'm feeling right now.

2009 got off to a pretty poor start when I found out at 9am (thank god I didn't have a hangover) that Dad had fallen and really hurt himself.  Which means he can't really get around the house.  Or really feed himself that well.  Or get up and down the steps.  I took turns with my mom (who divorced the guy 15 years ago and doesn't have to help at all) going to the house, getting food ready and making sure he was ok.  I found myself today looking at accessories for walkers at the drug store (he needs a basket for the walker) and smirked a little.  No cute men to be found in the aisle with the walkers and that special thing you can put on the toilet so its easier to sit on.  Yup.  2009 is shaping up to be another great year.

I don't know why I had such hope that a new year would miraculously cure all my problems. 

So, poor KT told me that I needed a vacation.  True 'dat.

KT: You could come up here for the weekend.

Me: Sigh (and whine?)  I don't know.  I'm going to have to stick close for a while to take care of dad.

KT:  We could do a beach weekend.  Spa treatments.  Hot tub...

Susan:  Sigh.  I don't know.  I'm short on cash right now.  I need to figure out where my money is going before I can spend it.

KT:  I'm going to visit Stacey.  You could come.  I can drive.

Susan:  Sigh.  Yeah, but her apartment is so small.  Three of us wouldn't really work.

KT:  We could find a bed and breakfast in the mountains.

Susan:  Sigh.  Yeah.  Probably not for a while.  Class starts tomorrow and its going to be a lot of work....

Poor KT.  She tried so hard.  When I hung up the phone I realized that I am now that friend. Debbie Downer.  Fantastic.

Perhaps I should resolve to quit acting like this.

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i like cheese said...

I know how you feel, and have myself been quite the Debbie Downer the last few days....I can't bring myself to answer phone calls and emails, and other peoples' happiness makes me want to barf. Oh, did I just admit that? :(