Monday, January 19, 2009

He's got Leggs

The next time you are in the throes of a make-out session, in the cold depressing days of winter, and find something a little unusual under your man's pants, don't panic.  It could just be Mantyhose.

I love it when men's companies finally catch on and tuff up women's products to market to men. First, there was the Bro, then there was the ManBag, now, pantyhose for men.  Such a simple concept - why deny men the opportunity to lay on the bed and wiggle around at 6am in a desperate attempt to get sheer nylon over big calves and big thighs without ripping it?   Equality has finally come! In the form of pantyhose!  The Change we Need is finally here!

(I wonder if Obama is going to sport a sexy little pair of Mantyhose tomorrow for the inauguration speech?  I'm sure Dick Cheney will be!

I once had a boyfriend that always, always, always wore polypropylene shirts and long johns under his real clothes.  Even when it wasn't really that cold out.  It made getting naked really challenging.  And he would always make a joke about his pantaloons as he was taking them off, which would kinda spoil the mood for me.  As you might imagine, he didn't last very long.  But mostly because of his suspected prescription drug habit and irrational behavior, not because of the quasi pantyhose.  But I digress...

I'm a modern girl.  I can understand the need for men's hosiery.  I like a man who can pull off a good pair of man clogs.  And a skirt.  So, men of the world, I say, wear pantyhose without fear! Enjoy the warmth!  Enjoy the circulatory benefit!  But know, that they look best with a nice pair of spike heels.

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