Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deep (red) Thoughts

Can you believe there was a time in my life, and not too long ago really, when opening a bottle of wine was a perplexing and difficult task?

Practice makes perfect.

Therapy appointment number two is tomorrow evening.  I have pre-opened the bottle of red, just in case I need to access it extraordinarily quickly (plus, I needed to try it out tonight to make sure it was ok).  It has crossed my mind that she might think she is the greatest therapist in the world when I tell her about the BB break.  Only one appointment and I have been able to rid myself 300 pounds of back monkey (with monkey back hair).  I should probably take her a trophy.

1 comment:

Ms Behaviour said...

Will you tell us what she said? (That's a politely phrased inquiry not a request or demand, in case that gets lost in the internet translation). I ask mostly because I am indirectly being therapized via you! Thanks, by the way :)