Monday, February 16, 2009

More reasons to hate the Bachelor

I am no fan of the Bachelor, yet, I have found myself watching it on a weekly basis.  And, I have found myself almost looking forward to the inner rage I know I will feel as I watch.  Frankly, its nice to be mad about something stupid right now.  Its fun to be mad about things I can't control on ABC.  Its not fun to be mad about things I can control (maybe) in my real life.

Tonight, Jason the Single Parent Bachelor (ha!) narrowed the field from three women down to two women.  No. Let me re-state.  Jason narrowed the field from one woman and two little girls down to two little girls.

Yup.  Jason, who claims to be looking for a responsible woman to be a mother to his little boy Ty, has systematically eliminated all the actual women from the playing field.  All the women in their late 20's and early 30's who had the knowledge, maturity and life experiences to truly be ready for a commitment, parenthood and dealing with an ex-wife?  Gone.  Eliminated.  Sent home.  All the women who had children of their own were sent home long ago (but I'm not even going to start on that right now).  What's left?  Two children.  One is 24; the other is 25.

Jillian, the 29 year old interior decorator from Canada who actually seemed to have her head abooot her (note Canadian pronunciation of about) was eliminated tonight.  I suspect that Jason couldn't deal with the fact that she was already a fully formed human, with her own career, her own opinions and her own desires.  He actually told her that "I don't think I can keep up with you."  Holy shit.  Sound familiar?  If I had a therapy appointment for every time I heard that, I would almost be cured right now.

(Who am I kidding?  There is no cure.  Only treatment of the surface symptoms.)

It disappoints me.  Jason was touted as a new kind of bachelor.  Different.  More mature. Looking for something truly special.  And looking for someone mature.

He's not.  He's just like all the rest of them.  A sucker for tight jeans, perky breasts and a wrinkle-free forehead.  Who cares if they will be a good mother, as long as the chick is easy on the eyes and smiles whenever he walks into the room.

It will all collapse on him the first time she gets pissed that they can't go out dancing on a school night because they have to do a rid-x treatment and a couple loads of laundry.


Katy said...

Ok, I'm a closet Bachelor watcher. I just have to watch the bimbos swoon over some guy who's boinking everyone in the room. I was stunned, stunned, when he didn't pick Jill. Molly needs to go. She's boring. Can't the producers just bump her off? Atleast he and Melisa have some chemistry and she's like 12 so its more of a playmate for Ty than a hubby for Jason. I'm always trying to figure out who it is before the end...and I remember that at the beginning of the season it showed him getting down on one knee and the chick whose hand he was holding was wearing a light blue dress. Let's hope that just wasn't footage from the time he got dumped by Dionna...another bimbo.

BTW, I'm totally being vulnerable and sharing this info.....I hate to admit that I like TV as much as I do.

Ms Behaviour said...

We do not say aboooot!

Unknown said...

I live in Seattle and there has been lots of snarky comments about Jason on the Stranger's website.

All of which I agree with.

This guy is a prat. I am all for wanting to date someone whom you find attractive, but if you are also looking for a potential mother to your child then that changes things alot.

there is a little thing called responsibility, kinda goes counter to binge drinking.