Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor is a Douchebag


The Bachelor Jason is a certified douchebag.  Its entirely possible that his son Ty has more emotional maturity and decision-making ability than he does. 

On the off chance that you haven't been glued to your tv for the past 3 hours, let me catch you up.  Jason sent Molly away in tears and professed his eternal and undying love for Melissa while putting a really gaudy ring on her finger.  I had plenty to say about this, until...

"The Bachelor.  After the Rose."  Oh my!  A special hour "what happened next?" episode taped 6-weeks after the engagement.  Oh, guess what?  Jason is unhappy and wants to end it with Melissa because he just can't get Molly out of his head.  He breaks up with Melissa, takes the ring back, and then tells Molly that he is still falling in love with her and wants to see where it goes.  I mean, Melissa didn't even get to Seattle yet!  She didn't ever even get to do the lice treatments I had predicted in my last Bachelor rant.  Yet, already, Jason is bored with her.  The excitement is gone.  He's ready to move on.  Anyone still wondering why this guy is still single? I think the secret is out.

Poor Molly falls for his giant dump truck load of crap, hook line and sinker.  After an initial disbelief, she snuggled into him and said "yes, yes.  Whatever it takes to be with you" or something like that.  Oh god.  That girl is in  for a world of hurt.  

Jason can't commit.  Just like many, many, many men.  (And women).  Once he has something good, he starts to focus on how it might be better with someone else.  Clearly, Melissa didn't live up to the fantasy once they both got back to the real world.  What?  Relationships take actual work?  Huh?  Its harder to be in love with someone when its not all luxury resorts, yachts and bungee jumping?  You don't say!  


Can't wait for next week.  "After the Rose Part Two!"

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kristen said...

his name is jason - he fully supports that theory we all had which stated that all jasons were douchebags?