Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dos Cervesa Por Favor

I hope that's all the spanish I'll need next week, because that's about all I've got.  I can also count to ten and ask where the bathroom is.  But, I'm sure I'll be fine.  I've loaded the first 15 lessons of "Learn in your Car Spanish" onto my baby iPod.  So, I'll listen to an M. Ward song, repeat some phrases, listen to a Shins song, learn some new phrases.... I'm sure that by the time I land in Cancun, I'll know everything I need to.

Yeah, right.

I'm mostly packed, but feel like I'm really, really missing something important.  I've got a passport, a credit card and some cash.  That really should be all I need.  I think I've packed way too many clothes.  I have no idea what to bring since I've never, ever traveled this way in my whole life.   How can a couple skirts, a couple shorts and some t-shirts be too much? But the backpack is heavy.  And its hot down there.  Heavy and hot make Susan cranky. (Conversely, hot and heavy makes Susan happy).

We've reserved two nights in a hostel in Isla Mujeres.  I'm sure I will have some stories about that one, and all of our other hostel nights if there are any.  We'll stay there for a few days, then head to Merida, Tulum and places in between.  On the bus.  The places we are going are pretty touristy, so I don't think there will be much to worry about, other than severe gastro-intestinal distress.  

So, wish me luck.  Send me good weather, and cute men.

And when I get back, a new chapter in my life will start.  Hopefully, it won't be the chapter where I fight off tropical bacterial infections.


Ms Behaviour said...

"(Conversely, hot and heavy makes Susan happy)" That's awesome!

I didn't think Tulum was very fun but snorkeling in the cenotes was really cool.

Katy said...

Some more good ones for you...

Donde esta el bano?
(Where is the bathroom)
Donde estan los senores guapos?
(Where are the handsome men)
Tienes enfermedades sexuales?
(Do you have STDs)
Donde esta el hospital?
(Where is the hospital)
Mas tequila por favor.
(More tequila please)
Me duele la cabeza.
(I have a headache)
Necesito llevar las ropas en este playa? (Do I need to wear clothes at this beach)

4 years of spanish in high school and 2 in college sure was good for something!