Sunday, March 22, 2009

Keeping the Hope Alive...

Yesterday was Susan Day.  No bills, no taxes, no homework, no vacuuming.  I declared war against responsibilities, yet still ended up in bed at 11pm.  

Its sad that I have to declare war against responsibility in order to take some time to just relax. And I didn't even really relax all that much.  I slept way later than I normally do, finally getting myself out of bed around 10am.  By the time I had showered, fed myself, fed the cats and caffeinated, it was after noon.  Oops.  At that point, its almost too late to make any big plans, so I made small ones.

I occasionally will go "birding."  Its really lame, but setting out to see new and interesting wildlife that I've never seen before at least got me out of the house, and this time, it was so convenient!  Local bird-nerds had sighted some rare birds hanging out in a field 1/2 mile from my house, right behind the Home Despot.  So, on my errands, I scooted over there with my binoculars to see what I could see.

I didn't see any birds right away, but what I did see was a young, cute and male bird-nerd! Whoo-hoo!  I was on the opposite end of the field, looking through my binoculars for birds, then at him, then at birds, then at him again.  I couldn't be sure, but I think he was scoping me as well (literally, he had a birding telescope).  I eventually made my way over to him, flushing the birds we were both wanting to look at, which instantly made me persona non-grata.  He was kind about it though.  And when they came back, he offered up his scope so that I could get better views of them.  Cute little buggers.  In case you have any interest at all; the birds that attracted wildlife enthusiasts to a Home Despot parking lot were horned larks and lapland longspurs.

I chatted with Bird-Nerd for a while - I had never seen him around and he had plates from out of state.  Instantly, I started wondering if he was single, what brought him to town, if he was lonely, if he needed a cute blonde girl to warm his cold bed...

Then more people arrived and we started chatting.  Turns out, Bird-Nerd knew a couple of the other younger birders who had shown up, and that I actually knew them, but had forgotten (I suck at remembering names and faces).  Then we started playing the "where do YOU work?" game.  And suddenly, Bird-Nerd had a girlfriend who he moved here for.

D'oh!  Guess he already has someone warming up his bed for him. 

But, randomly meeting a cute boy in the parking lot, even if he does have a girlfriend, was quite a surprise for a Saturday afternoon.  It gives me hope that maybe someday, I will meet an actual real life guy.  And like him.


Ms Behaviour said...

I have heard that Home Despot on Saturday mornings is the place to be. Shall we both try it out next weekend? Hmmm, aisle strategy. I think I will start in tools and then wander over to carpentry. You?

Katy said...

Maybe bird nerd has some cute other bird nerd friends that he can hook you up with. One of my recent TV indulgences is the Millionaire Matchmaker. (I refuse to watch the Nanny or Wife Swap b/c they piss me off.) She was giving advice to money grubbing blondes this weekend (see what I did on my saturday afternoon) and said to hang out where the guys you want hang out. While her examples (the local luxury car dealership) were somewhat different than Home Depot...same difference. I still think you need therapy BTW. Everyone does. You just need to find the right one.