Monday, March 9, 2009

Speedy Delivery

I want you all to make a pact with me today.  Send someone a package unexpectedly and for no good reason.  Its good for your friend/mother/brother/cousin/teacher/ and its good for the Post Office (come on, you know they need the business).

I got a package today from my friend T.  Despite both of us being raving lunatics and living on opposite sides of the country, we have become really close since living together in grad school.  I guess people of our particular neurosis have to stick together.

Its so nice to get something in the mail besides junk mail, bills and junk mail.  A big hefty box that cost 10 bucks to ship across the country makes you feel special and loved.  Almost as much as flowers (but not quite).

In the package was the first two seasons of Sex and the City (on loan only.  She's not that nice); and the movie to keep (ok, maybe she is).  And a jar of homemade apple butter (from backyard apples!).  And some hand cream.  And a whole bunch of chocolate bars.  And, a small pepper shaker that looks like a cross between a frog and an avocado, wearing a straw hat.  Why? Because.  Its absurd, and it makes me giggle. 

And that's what friends do.  Make you giggle when you need it most.  Thanks T.  Just wait until I go to the flea market...  Mr. Avocado has friends that are waiting to meet you.

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