Saturday, March 14, 2009

Table for one

I am so tired of being the only single person in the room.  Its depressing.  Its exhausting.  It sucks.

Tonight, I went to a bonfire.  Except, there was no bonfire because it was raining.  So, most people bailed.  I felt like I couldn't bail and since I hadn't really left the house all day, figured that I really should get out for a while.  And it was fine, really.  Better than sitting at home alone in my house watching Sex and the City DVDs (whole first season watched between last night and today).

But, it was me and three couples sitting around a table.  None of whom I am close with.

So I have no person.  Noone else to blame when I am bored and want to leave.  Noone to deconstruct the night with.  Noone to get up and get me a beer...

It just reinforces the fact that despite my many, many great friends and my really busy schedule, I am really, really lonely right now.