Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Hell from Mexico"

"Hell from Mexico" was the greeting on the front of a postcard that I picked up yesterday. I decided not to buy it. But it was pretty funny. Also pretty funny, the bad movies (and I mean Carrot Top Movie bad) we have been treated to on our various bus trips. All dubbed in Spanish, of course, making it all the more enjoyable. John Travolta as a woman in the recent re-make of Hairspray, dubbed in Spanish? Oh yeah.

Its hard to believe that I only left 5 days ago. It seems like forever. We are so far away from normal life. So cut off from everything that is happening back home (I'm not about to waste my cyber cafe time on catching up on local events. Or work.) I am completely out of my element, but handling it fine. Katie, my travel companion, speaks Spanish fairly well and is getting us around. Without her, I'd be relegated to sign language and my phrase book. And feeling stupid. A lot.

We have been in Mexico for 5 nights, have been on the Caribbean coast and the Gulf of Mexico coast. Traveled by bus. Ate lots of good food. Saw ruins. Learned Mexican and Mayan history. Bought a couple trinkets. Guess how much money I have spent?

Three hundred US dollars. 300. Tres Cein. We are living on the cheap. Hostels and really cheap (but clean) hotels. Next we are headed to Tulum, where things will likely start to get a bit more expensive. We might slum it at a hostel for a night or two, then find somewhere nice to stay for the rest of the time. Four uninterrupted days of exploring and sunning myself.

I needed this. A lot. Wish me luck for our journeys for the next few days. I'll have lots of stories to tell when I get back and can type on a non-spanish keyboard.

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Ms Behaviour said...

But doesn't it feel so much better to feel stupid on vacation? It's like it doesn't count as much as being stupid at home?