Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vacation Downslide

My tropical vacation is starting to wear on me.

I know. I can hear you groaning from here. "That girl whines about everything, and this proves it!"

Things started falling apart a little bit once we reached Tulum. My Moon Guidebook has proven to be lacking important info, inaccurate and plain damn wrong a bunch of times. We arrived here Friday night and it took us two days to find the beach. The town is actually 2 miles from the coastline and public access is poor. But, we weren´t here for the beach. We were here for all the other great things you could do around here. Unfortunately, all of them were out of our budget. A day eco-tour at the local Reserve was 100 dollars (US) per person. To go on some silly boat ride with old people. No thanks. Can´t rent a kayak anywhere to save my life. Its been really windy and the water is really rough which means that snorkeling has been out of the question.

The hotel we wound up in, oh god. Its awful. The family lives there and congregates in the little common area right outside my door. They are there banging and sliding things before dawn and well into the evening. They are renovating a room right now - I had to slide past an air conditioner laying around in 14 parts to get in the room today. Its not relaxing, and its a bit intimidating when we´ve had to walk past 5 or 6 guys drinking beer at 11 pm. You could feel them staring at us. We used a special extra security door jamb that night just in case...

Things turned around a little bit when I said "Fuck this. We need to rent a car." Despite my better judgement and after a conversation with the renter guy who didn´t speak english, I allowed a 7000 peso security deposit on my credit card (about $500 US) and drove away in our little car.

The car has a personality disorder. On the front, its a Hyundai. On the back bumper, its a Chevy and a Hyundai. Poor little thing. Its got Air Conditioning (big plus) but no radio. Who makes a car without a radio? Anyway, with the car we were able to get to the beach, ruins, cenotes and protected snorkeling places. But I´m really tired of this crappy little town and the crappy motel we are in and can´t wait to get to our next destination.

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Ms Behaviour said...

What's next? Hopefully more beach, more cenotes and fewer drunken leery Mexican men!