Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best Week Ever

Its rare, but it happens.

I had a fucking awesome week.

It started with kayaking last Saturday.  It was my first trip down a "real" river for the year and I was so anxiety ridden, I didn't have any fun for the first couple hours.  But after we got past the black-eye rock and the worst rapid, I started to really have fun.  Really.  I even seal launched off a five foot cliff.  I was so, so very proud of myself.

On Monday, I found out that a grant that I had written for work way back this fall was accepted; netting us 200,000 bucks to do some important work we wanted to do.

The same day, I also took a reporter out with me on a work thing.  He wrote a blog post about it, with an actually newspaper article on its way.  The blog post was really nice, and quite directly complimentary of me.  Like, embarrassingly complimentary.  So complimentary I was almost bursting.  Or, at least, my ego was bursting.  

Did I mention that the reporter was cute?  Yeah.  He was cute.  And my age.  And outdoorsy.

And engaged.

But his interest was definitely piqued.  He sent me pictures of his last vacation where he want kayaking.  Linked to his Facebook page.  Pictures of me that he had taken while on tour with me....  Yeah.  He may have a little cold-feet syndrome.  I mean, its not every day you meet a girl as cool as I am.

(still ego tripping.  But wait, there's more!)   

On Thursday, after exchanging semi-flirty emails with reporter (don't worry.  he is definitely off-limits), and semi-flirty emails with the professor all day, I went to class.  Boring, boring class.  Where, during our break, one of the girls congratulated me.


On my award.  

That I had received on Friday.  

That nobody told me about.

I was confused.  Wouldn't someone tell me that I might want to be at the awards ceremony if an award was coming my way?  No matter.

What matters is that I received an actual, honest to god award in graduate school.  

An award that comes with cash.

Cash money!  Of an unspecified amount.  I have to determine what I need money to help me do, and I have to ask for it.  I'm assuming that with adequate justification (and I'm a pretty good grant writer!) it could be worth several thousand dollars.  I have already decided to lobby for a semester abroad experience.  

I still don't even know what the award was for.  Most obnoxious grad student?  Most opinions expressed in a single night?  Biggest ego?  They are sending me the info and certificate in the mail.  It blows my mind.  Someone had to nominate me for this thing.  And I've done nothing exceptional at school:  i just show up, speak my mind, do my homework and take home my A's.

Then, I had my really good date on Friday.  And another decent day of kayaking yesterday.

Honestly, I'm a little afraid to leave the house today, and go to work tomorrow.  So many good things happened last week that I feel like bad news is going to find me and make up for it.  Its happened in the past - every great thing in my life has always seemed to be counterbalanced by some tragedy.  Cross your fingers for me; but if you never see another blog post, you'll know I got run over by a bus.


Ms Behaviour said...

Woo hoo! As a fellow grad student, any award at this level is freakin' amazing :) Congrats!

Also, I don't blame you for being a bit skeptical and anxious that things could come crashing down around. BUT! They could also just plateau nicely and comfortably into a great summer. Fingers crossed.

Katy said...

You TOTALLY left out amazing Mex food on Wed night. Poo on you. Or Poh on you. Whichever you prefer.

Katy said...

Oh yeah, and congrats on the award.