Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Could Match.com be working?

My match.com profile went live about two weeks ago, after I decided that there had to be someone more interesting than wrinkled shirt guy.  And yes, I have been disappointed with my options; I think I've aged out of the cool people because my options are really, really much slimmer than they were when I was match.comming in my late 20's.  I will also admit that I'm not really doing my due diligence either - I'm not searching boys, winking at boys or emailing boys.  I just don't really feel like it.  Right now, I'm too busy to stay up until 2 am, shopping for men, so I've been waiting for them to come to me.  90% of those who have come to me via wink or email totally suck.  But, surprisingly, I am actually having good email conversations with not one, not two, but three men who are not totally ugly, have good jobs, don't live with their parents and appreciate my brand of humor.  Of course, these are email conversations.  How they will rate in real life remains to be seen.

The leader is a 33 year old engineer who lives only about 20 miles away (jackpot!).  I almost didn't email him because he hasn't posted a photo; but I took a chance.  And friends, good thing I did.  He sent me a picture in his first email and he is pretty cute - for an engineer (apologies to any well-dressed, hip engineers out there, but have you seen your colleagues recently? Seriously.)  I really have enjoyed his emails - he's insightful; he's picking up things about my personality; he's active... This may translate into "he's boring," but for right now, I have a good feeling about the guy.  We have moved onto trying to find a time to meet.  

He also hasn't been "active" on match for 5 days.  We have been emailing through gmail - this means he hasn't logged on to find any other girls since he started emailing me.  Granted, he could be emailing hundreds of girls, but he doesn't seem the type.  It actually is putting a bit of pressure on me.  He likes me (and maybe some others) enough that he's not shopping anymore. He's put me in the cart and is wheeling me towards the checkout.  

I'm not sure I'm totally ready to be purchased yet.  Maybe a short-term lease.

In second place is the professor.  Also about 20 miles away.  Not as cute, but is mostly vegetarian and into the type of music that I like.  His emails have gotten shorter and less interesting, but so have mine.  Its the end of the semester and I think he has lots of stuff on his plate.  Ditto for me.  We have also moved into trying to find a time to meet.

In third place, the older guy.  He is 41 and has a 10 year old daughter.  I really am not into kids, but a 10 year old I think I could handle, for the right guy.  He's also older than my preferred age range, but his profile was a riot, and his emails have been the most entertaining of all three guys.  But, from his emails, he seems a bit ADD.   Which could be fun, for dating.  For long term, annoying.  We are only on email exchange 2 or 3, so it will likely be a while before we meet.

I am determined to go out with all three of these men, and maybe more, before settling back down with one (or even two).  I feel the need to really experience lots of different personalities and types (like I'm trying on shoes!), get as many free dinners as possible, and have some fun.

And I'll have lots of stories for you to read while you procrastinate at work.  You know who you are.


Ms Behaviour said...

That is an excellent attitude to have. I wish I had two or three men to date at the moment! I will be living vicariously through you so go be vicarious please!

Elena said...

It's about time! I actually sorted through all the files in my cube and cleaned yesterday while procrastinating. Never make me do that again :)

Katy said...

Woo hoo. When it rains it pours. Yes, I can vouch that things are CRAZY here at this place of employement and will be for the next month so I'm sure professor man/boy (I need a name BTW) is swamped. Try all 3. You never know. Go into all of them open minded. Kaylee is 8, Colleen is 11 if that puts the kid range into perspective.