Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Disclaimer Dater

The professor dubbed me a "disclaimer dater" over gchat this morning. I guess I've done nothing but warn him what I would be like: late, obnoxious, ego swollen, opinionated, loud, smelly... He's right though. I think I was going out of my way to make sure he knew that I'm not an ordinary girl. Dates with me do not typically involve polite conversation about the weather and who won American Idol. And after the last couple dates, I wanted to make sure that he was ready to keep up.

He was.

Tonite's date featured conversation about farts (almost immediately); why I started hating church; why sex in a Tempur-pedic mattress is substandard (it absorbs all the bounce. Sometimes a little bounce helps); social research; mindfulness training; sick fathers; kayaking (duh); lunch ladies; marriage; divorce; grandma approval and a gazillion other things. We ordered an appetizer that featured the word Poo (actually it was Poh, but it was more fun to pronounce it as "poo") just because we could say "poo." He ordered tofu so that I could try what he got. I gave him half my mango with tofu. He gave me a bowl full of tofu green curry. He paid.

It was a good date.


He was easy to talk to. He smiled a lot. He had a lot to say (and I even let him talk a little bit). We have similar childhood and family experiences. He loves his job. He's smart (not always necessarily true of PhDs). He's balding, but not too badly. He definitely likes me.

Three times during the night, I told him a story, and his response was "your face just totally lit up when you started talking about that." (no, I wasn't talking about my cats, smart ass. I'm not the crazy cat woman. Yet.) One was a work related thing, one was kayaking and the other was bluegrass music. I liked that he noticed how these things affect me and how much I like to talk about them.

We met at 7:30 and left at 11 when then restaurant was closing. He didn't walk me to my car, but it was a small parking lot and the car was within sight. He hugged me and kissed me briefly. Then we talked about a second date. Actually, we talked about date 1.5, because date 2 is supposed to be the rodeo and scheduling isn't really working out for it. Then we talked about random stuff. Then I said "I gotta go!" and we hugged and quickly kissed again.

I'm not usually a fan of the first date kiss - any kind of first date kiss, but it wasn't make out-y. It was more of a "I'm letting you know that I like you and I had a good time" kiss. His hug was excellent. It was super squeezy. I love being squished in a hug. Love it. Love it. Love it.

(I think it has something to do with lack of affection during childhood, which we also talked about. Damn. No topic was off limits.)

I had a really good week this week (more on that later) and this was a really good way for it to end. It totally makes up for my recent bad dates.

I think I might really like this guy... Commence destructive relationship behaviors!


Ms Behaviour said...

It's good that he smiled a lot :) I'm so excited!

Elena said...

Yay! Hooray for the Cynic! No crazy destructiveness--you're too busy for that, remember? Just lay back, let him come to you, and enjoy! Oh, and the real test comes after a few weeks and he is invited to hang out with your friends. Yes, you are doing that right off the bat this time....

Katy said...

SUCCESS! He seems great. I love that he called you out right away and that he noticed when your face lit up. You haven't talked about a guy like this in a while. I hope maybe this one will linger around.....