Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Engineer vs. Professor

Wow.  I just had a really good first phone conversation with the Professor.  We have a date set for Friday.  Please let him look like a normal human being so I can actually let myself like him.  We talked for about an hour, maybe a little more.  I did a lot of the talking (I'm sure this surprises you) but he held his own.  I didn't hold back much - we have already discussed my ego and he already compared me to Stalin, but then conceded that I was more of a communist than a fascist. I'm not even total sure I know what a fascist is, but would agree anyway. 

I like him.  He was funny, he shared stuff about himself, he is intelligent and he is mostly vegetarian.  We cut to the chase and even discussed relationships - not previous, but what we were looking for in new relationships.  Seems that we could be compatible in that realm too.  I'm at least looking forward to meeting him, and if all goes well, we have decided that our second date will be the rodeo.  He suggested it as a joke, not knowing that there actually is a rodeo fairly close by.  Ha, ha!  Sucker!  Now you have to take me to the rodeo.  

Is this the excuse I need to buy a pair of cowboy boots?

Now, about that Engineer.  You, dear readers, were quite split on what I should do but most of you thought I should give it a second chance.  So, I'm going to.  I emailed him back today and answered his question of "How did I do?" by telling him that he definitely seemed nervous, but that first dates are difficult and its always good to go out again to get rid of the first meeting jitters.  I also told him that it might be June before I could schedule something again.  My suspicion is that it won't happen, but if I have time in June and he still has interest, I will do it again.  

The thing is, I finally realized who the engineer reminded me of -- Steve, the engineer.  Steve was a guy I went out with three years ago (I can't believe its been three years).  He was really nice and really liked me, and reminded me of Ned Flanders, which actually became my nickname for him.  He tried to kiss me once.  It was bad.  Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.  Like kissing your mom, if you mom had no lips.  Oh, yuck yuck yuck yuck.  It was bad. 

Now that I've made that connection, I want to go out with the engineer again like I want to bash my head into another pointy rock.  But, I've said that I would and I will stick to that.  I know they are different people; but its difficult not to associate one with the other.  

PS - I've picked a new first date place for the Professor date.  A new Malaysian restaurant that is reasonably priced and friends have said really good things about.  I wonder if he will have the good sense to walk me to my car?


Elena said...

Interesting how you didn't mention this at dinner last night...I like the professor already. I take back what I said about the engineer--if you don't want to go out with him again don't. I'm so proud that you picked a new first date restaurant....and I have a pair of cowboy boots you can borrow for the rodeo :)

Ms Behaviour said...

Danger, danger! Lowered expectations please!

No, I'm being facetious. Good communication generally leads to good chemistry. An hour on the phone is pretty remarkable. I will be on pins and needles until you update us (is that a pun?).