Friday, May 29, 2009

More Exhaustion

And I thought I was exhausted last week...

I came home from work tonight and got in bed to take a "nap" at 5:30. I remember waking up and wondering why the sky looked so weird; I think that's because my body forgot that the sun was setting, not rising. Then I then woke up again and it was dark. And 9pm.

So much for Friday night.

That's ok though, because I'm exhausted for a reason. Well, several reasons actually.

The first reason is that school is finally done for the semester and the take home exam from hell has been completed and turned in. Twenty hours of work went into that thing. Twenty hours! I actually took off work to do it, and needed another day. It was unreal. It was frustrating. It almost made me throw my beloved MacBook across the room. It definitely made me cry tears of frustration. But its done, turned in, out of my hands and I am free, free, free!!

Don't know whether that 4.0 is going to remain intact, but who cares? I did. But that got beat out of me during the first 12 hours of working on that damn thing.

To celebrate, I went out with the professor. His office is in the building next to my program, so I met him there. Its fun to see where people work. He showed me his toys, his stack of papers that needed grading, the boring books he was reading... Then we went to dinner.

We frustrate the hell out of wait staff. We talk so damn much (I talk so damn much?) that food and drink is secondary. Our waitress came over 3, maybe 4, times before we even decided to put in for an appetizer. He is really easy to talk to, and he sees through my bullshit. I come with a lot of bullshit, by the way (in case you haven't noticed).

And he totally blog-outted me. We were talking about something totally unrelated and he looks at me and says "you are so the type of person that would have a blog all about themselves..." I didn't see it coming so I could prepare my lies. I turned red and giggled. "You DO have a blog! I knew it!" Damn. For reasons that are pretty apparent, I don't talk about the blog to most people; particularly people I am dating. Shhhh.... the inner workings of my mind are a secret!! He threatened to look for it, but I made it pretty clear he would never find it. And he respects that. He's a good guy. We talked about how the blog helps me sort through things, discover things about myself, and call bullshit on myself.

Then we went out drinking. We had eaten dinner on the porch and a bunch of kids I'm in classes with, and a bunch of his grad students had passed by, said hi, and embarrassingly "are you on a date?!" and invited us out with them. How could we refuse? After my dinner mojito and 2 glasses of red wine, we went out with the kids and I drank some beer and did a shot. His grad students were really funny. They clearly like him, and respect him. And they clearly liked me (duh). One of them bought me a beer; I freeloaded off a starving grad student. I am a bad person...

By the time we were done, I was in no shape to drive home.

And so it starts.


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i can run a basic - using basic information that he has - and find your blog on pg 2 of my search...

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