Friday, June 12, 2009

The Hairdryer Chronicles

Its so funny how a stupid thing like a hairdryer has become such a meaningful thing for me in relationships. There was that infamous first email from BB that got that whole debacle started. Then, there was the purchase of a new hairdryer for my use at BB's - a gesture that I of course attached great meaning to, when there really was none because it was mostly purchased so he could put up that window film that keeps the drafts out.

And now, I'm attaching meaning to another hairdryer. But this time, I really think there is something to it.

There were three sleep overs this week.


By the third time, it was planned and known that I was staying over. I packed a little bag and everything so I could go straight to work. But I'm totally out of practice and forgot tons of essential things. Prof has no girl stuff in his house. Nada. And since he's got very little hair, doesn't have much use for a hairdryer.

So I went to work, late and with damp hair this morning (sure sign that I didn't stay at my own house). It dried really weird and I looked terrible; not necessarily because of the hair but because of the bags under my eyes from the lack of sleep.

But the lack of sleep has been totally worth it.

And now he's buying me a hairdryer. That's susan-speak for serious relationship. And I'm not even freaking out.


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Ms Behaviour said...

Sweet :) Grey freaked out when I left tampons at his place. TAMPONS! Sheesh.