Friday, June 5, 2009

Spooky and Signs

Prof and I got caught in the rain on our last date and got absolutely soaked by a thunderstorm that seemed to be tracking us (but it gave us an excuse to make out in the rain, which was actually quite pleasant).  The weather for our next date looks equally iffy, so I was sitting at work, thinking about an ex-boyfriend and signs.

There was a guy I dated briefly.  It was good that we dated only briefly.  He too, was a serious Christian who wanted babies like yesterday, but more bothersome was that he had a little poodle dog.  A bichon frises; the least masculine dog a boy could ever own.  He used to blow dry the thing if it rained.  That alone and in itself was a sign, but I ignored it.

I also ignored it when the electricity went off in my town and prevented us from going to the movies.  And when traffic prevented him from getting here one night.  And, I think it rained every time we got together.  Fate was trying to clue me in - this bichon frises guy is not for you.  You probably shouldn't give him extravagant Christmas presents and invite him to your friends New Year's Party (a party I ended up going to alone, btw.)

So, I was giggling to myself about this and my office phone rang not 2 seconds afterwards.

It was bichon frises guy.

I am not joking.

He calls occasionally for work related reasons; maybe once or twice a year.  But holy crap.  For him to have called right after I got done smirking about him?  It spooked the shit out of me. He's not someone I think about a lot, but sometimes when I see a bichon frises I giggle.  

I resisted the urge to say "I was just thinking about you!" because I would have had to explain why I was thinking about him.  And I wasn't thinking about him in a good way, or a wistful way, just an ironic way.  He asked me his very easy and pretty apparent question, then we talked about kayaking and concerts and housing prices.  It was fine, I like that we can have pleasantries, because there was a time I wanted to slash his car tires and poke his eyes out.  

I never got to poke his eyes out, but I will always be thankful to him.  I took back those extravagant Christmas presents after we broke up and bought myself really nice shoes.  Two pairs of really nice shoes.  Cute, comfortable nice shoes.  And with that, a shoe shopper was born.  Thanks Bichon Frises guy.


Ms Behaviour said...

That is weird and spooky. I like the thunderstorm make outs though. And I love that you're blogging about the start of this relationship. It will give you something to read to your grandkids :)

Elena said...

"He too, was a serious Christian who wanted babies"? I know you're not a Christian who wants babies yesterday, so who are you alluding to? The prof?

Katy said...

You neglected to mention that he dressed little bichon in seasonally appropriate bandanas...